Apple to introduce two iPhone 6 simultaneously



More details on Apple’s upcoming smartphone, or shall we say smartphones, have emerged. What they suggest is that the company may release the two version of iPhone 6 simultaneously.

A new, hot rumour claims that Apple is planning to introduce both iPhone 6 models on the same day. According to Bloomberg, the technology company has started preparing not just the 4.7” iPhone for manufacturing, but also its big 5.5” brother. As a result, Foxconn, which produces a great part of Apple’s smartphone, will hire 100,000 new employees in July to help cope with the double work. It is estimated that this is 10% more compared to recruiting for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C production. Also, it seems that Apple is confident in the success of its two handsets, since Foxconn is also planning to expand so that it could meet the expected high consumer demand.

Pegatron, which will serve as Apple’s secondary iPhone 6 supplier, has also started to hire more employees. This again suggests that the iPhone could really be two and not just one.

Previous rumours implied that Apple’s intentions were to unveil its two iPhones in separate weeks. The main reason was the possible delay of the 5.5”. It was said that the U.S. giant was having troubles with the battery life of the device’s prototype. In addition, it was believed that the large-screened edition would be offered in very limited numbers. However, more recent reports claim that the issue has finally been solved and that Apple should be able to follow its original schedule.

This is incredibly good news for Apple, since consumers show early interest in the large-screened iPhone. As a matter of fact, a survey revealed that 65% of respondents would consider purchasing the 5.5” if the U.S. giant launches it on the market. Moreover, there are people willing to get the gadget even if it comes at premium price.

Also, iPhone 6 models will probably arrive with improved screens. The Gorilla Glass is rumoured to be replaced either by the sapphire substrate used in the TouchID sensor or with an LTPS display used in the iPad.

The next-generation iPhones are said to be going into production next month. This means that Apple will almost certainly stick to its old iPhone release schedule and present the device or device in September. No surprises here.

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