Next-generation Tablets Challenge Imagination at Mobile World Congress


Hybrid computers might be on the rise. However, tablets are not ready to give up their leading position on the market. Technology companies used the 2014 edition of the Mobile World Congress as a platform to introduce some unbelievably innovative tablet PCs. Here are the most impressive of them… for now.

Waterproof Tablets

Sony seems to have a thing for waterproof mobile gadgets. After the company released a number of waterproof smartphones, now it is moving on to water-resistant tablets. The first of them is Xperia Z2. It was unveiled along with two waterproof Sony smartphones. The tablet rocks a 10.1” display and it runs on the latest Android KitKat OS. It may soon become diver’s new favourite tablet!

New Yoga Tablet

Lenovo introduced its second Yoga tablet PC. The device is called Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ and it impressed with a better screen and more power under the hood. Lenovo assures that the battery life of its latest product is 18 hours. However, probably the best thing about the device is its affordable price – $349. The tablet will ship sometime in April 2014.

Haptic Tablet

Fujitsu introduced a prototype of a 10.1” haptic tablet. This means that it allows users to feel the textures of the images showed on the display of the gadget. It is the first tablet PC of this kind to rely on ultrasonic vibrations. As a result, the sensations are more realistic. Thanks to this new technology, consumers can feel alligator skin, wetness, roughness, slipperiness and many other sensations.

Iris-Recognition Tablet

Alcatel teamed up with IriTech to create a tablet that supports iris recognition. The technology relies on iris recognition camera module, a special algorithm, as well as on IR LED. The function can be used for several things like data encryption, locking and unlocking, as well as app launch control. Nevertheless, it should be noted that for now the device is in a prototype stage. If Alcatel wants to release it on the market, it would need to do a little more work on it.

First 64-bit Windows 8.1 Tablets

HP is among the very first companies to introduce a 64-bit Windows 8.1 tablet PC. The device is powered by the newest Intel mobile processor. Dell will also launch 64-bit tablets. They will be part of the company’s popular Venue lineup. This trend for 64-bit tablets is triggered by the fact that IT companies aim to standardize 64-bit applications and images.

If we have to make predictions, the next edition of MWC might offer us a tablet that combines all of these features into one. That is quite possible. After all, back in 2013 tech geeks have not thought that tablet PCs would support iris-recognition, 64-bit processors or 18-hours of battery life in a matter of just a few months.


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