Where to buy XOXO Watches in Dubai?



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XoXo Gold PlatedIf you are searching to buy a fashionable women’s watch for a gift or simply for yourself as a little reward at the end of the week, you will probably go to your favourite store at some of the shopping malls. And while boutique brands really do offer great style, they will also come with not the best price tag. That’s why XoXo watches in Dubai are so popular – because they bring elegance and contemporary fashion at reasonable price. But where can they be found?

XoXo is an American brand that designs feminine and trendy clothing and accessories for young, modern women – everything from tops and pants to sunglasses, handbags and jewelry. They are particularly famous for their watches, which offer high quality, great looks and accessibility. And fashion doesn’t always have to come at a great cost, although many luxury and boutique brands are trying to convince us so. In this case, you can have a trendy, statement timepiece that will turn heads everywhere you go for no more than AED 160-185. In comparison, other brands that are quite popular in Dubai and UAE, will cost you thousands of dirhams, especially in fancy boutiques and expensive malls.


item_XL_5137279_1881849item_XL_4967472_1614427One local store, however, sells XoXo watches in Dubai and the best part is that it is online and you can shop from your home, your office, and at any convenient time. FranFran store is offering some of the most popular pieces across several XOXO collections, designed for any age and personal style, any occasion and outfit. Here you can shop colourful watches, bold designs and shapes, accented with animal prints, Swarovski rhinestones, beading, and so on. Whether you are looking for a timeless watch or more playful, modern design for a younger spirit, the classic contemporary style of XoXo timepieces will become your favourite.

Even if you are a first-time online shopper, at FranFran store you’ll find it quite easy to find everything you are looking for. Furthermore, the site offers delivery within the UAE and you don’t even have to leave your home to get yourself a fashion treat.



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