Which Style Do You Prefer – Small or Chunky?


Small vs Big Women’s Fashionable Watches

Gold Charm XoXo Watch - item_XL_4967561_1614525 Watches’ fashion is generally less changeable, but it is accessories we are talking about, so this fashion will always follow the trends. Big, chunky fashionable watches with large dials have become very popular, but many women still prefer slim, discrete sizes and elegant designs. Both small and big watches have won a special place in women’s hearts for their different advantages, qualities and edge.

How to decide what to wear or what to give as a present? It’s always mostly a matter of taste, but as with all kinds of fashion, some trends become more popular than others, and usually women tend to comply. This year’s trend is definitely stylish, athletic, feminine and modern, which means fashionable watches collections of 2013 offer a great variety of styles, shapes, and materials and one of the most eye-catching this year is the bigger size. Statement watches – large dials, natural and animal motifs, colourful stones and bracelet-inspired designs, are among the top accessories of 2013 and are probably going to stay our favourites for next year, too. So, which style do you prefer – small or big watches, and is it only a matter of taste, or there is something else?

item_XL_5137279_1881849Perhaps the biggest trend in the recent years to affect the watch industry, both men’s and women’s styles, is the proliferation of big watches. They have become huge and lots of women love wearing them, because they are far more than just time-tracking tools, in-your-face watches are accessories that draw the attention and say who you are. Various brands and companies chose chunky watches; famous Hollywood stars and fashion icons from Heidi Klum to Victoria Beckham show their love for large watches. What’s more – your statement look doesn’t have to come with celebrity price tag – the XOXO Women’s XO3367 Leopard Patterned Strap Watch is super trendy and affordable! The leopard pattern of the strap is a must-wear right now, but the large size and the crystals are really irresistible. If you have smaller wrists, you might find the watch too big, but most experts will tell you to go with the larger version – it’s eye-catching and modern. The large accessory also matches beautifully with simpler, both casual and dressier apparels, so it’s perfect if you want elegant and classy accent.

item_XL_5183700_1972081The Anne Klein Women’s 109118WTGB Swarovski Crystal-Accented Gold-Tone Ceramic Dress Watch is also a great example of this year’s trends. It has a wide bracelet strap and comes in a classic combination of gold and white tones which are currently in fashion, and are perfect for special occasions. Of course, the 50 Swarovski crystals make this timepiece very shiny and feminine and the big, clear dial completes the modern look.

Ladies with smaller wrists usually prefer smaller watches which can also be very trendy – the Invicta Women’s 13653 Angel Black Dial Crystal Accented Black Leather Watch is super thin and gentle and brings elegance and feminine touch. It comes in the trendy black colour, enhanced by little, round crystals. Smaller, sleek watches have always been connected to women’s fashion because they let the dress, or whatever outfit, to stand out. These timepieces are not only for ladies of the petite sizes, they are also for ladies who like the classic, retro mini style. The same model Invicta is also available in white, which is perfect for brides, and in aqua green, which is one of the fashionable colors this summer.

Of course, what you are wearing is completely up to you and your individual taste, but in any case, you can choose something trendy and chick for you evening outfit. So far, big watches have proved they are to stay, so you have enough time to find the one that fits you.


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