Top New Social Media Practices for Business



Social media practices and networking platforms are constantly evolving and trends are changing fast. The same tendency apply to business strategy. Most companies have already recognized the benefits of social media marketing and they have started to pay more attention to their online presence. However, the environment is changing so fast that it is often hard for businesses to keep up with the latest trends. If you want to improve your company’s performance, you should try using some of the newest social media practices for business.

Short-Form Content

You have probably noticed that social networks have started focusing more on visual content. As a result, a number of companies now prefer to post pictures, videos or inforgraphics instead of articles, statistics, polls and etc. However, there is something else you should definitely add to your social media business strategy – short-form content. Today, internet users are not really interested in reading long posts and they prefer to be more visually engaged. On the other hand, your visual content can easily get lost in the endless sea of images and short video clips that is now seen on the web. Therefore, go for something new, different and easy to create like short-form content. This practice can be used on nearly every social media website. The biggest advantages of short-form content is that it is easy to create, share and read. As a result, it leads to more social engagement.

More Promotions and Content

This is not something new. Many brands are organizing various competitions and promotions on social media websites. As a matter of fact, your company may also be among them. However, now this strategy is getting more popular. Many people are found to sign in their social accounts only to see if they are any new contests or promos. It has become something like a trend. This marketing practice can be particularly effective for retailers. Also, if you really want to increase your social media audience, make your competitions and promotions online-only.

Mobile Apps and Social Media Tools Replace Social Media Professionals

Various surveys show that social media jobs are on the rise. Well, that is very likely to change sooner than you think. Companies are now starting to see the benefits of social media apps, software and tools. One of the biggest of them is their affordability. Hiring a social media expert is often pricey, especially for small businesses. In comparison, social media marketing tools are much more affordable even when they are paid. Try HootSuite. In addition, they allow you to handle easily more than one social website account at once. You do not even need to have any special skills, knowledge or experience in the area. From engagement to analytics and monitoring – there is social media software for everything.

Bringing Offline Consumers Online

Until recently, businesses used to rely only on the above-mentioned online-only promotions to attract their offline consumers to the world of social media. However, now there is a new strategy. Well, it is not that new, but companies of all sizes are just starting to open their eyes for it. We are talking about QR codes. To make this strategy even more effective, put the codes on unusual places and objects. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can add a QR code to your website at the bottom the plates.

These social media practices for business may be new, but they are gaining popularity as we speak. Be among the first to use them and stay ahead of your competition.


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