LEGO Christmas Gifts for Boys


There are many toys and games with which parents can surprise boys for Christmas. It’s a well-known fact that they always love to receive toys, no matter how old they are. Most parents, however, prefer to gift their kids something that will develop their logical thinking, for instance. Educational toys nowadays are plenty, but not all of them are very interesting to little ones. LEGO building sets, on the other hand, are a great choice here since they can stimulate children’s brains and allow them to be both logical and creative. If you decide to get a LEGO Christmas gifts for boys, we have some suggestions that you may consider.

Ages 24 months – 6 years

Although most LEGO toys are not suitable for really young kids, there are some which do not contain small and potentially dangerous pieces. Among them is the LEGO Disney Planes Skipper’s Flight School. The set includes easy-to-build Disney Planes, like Dusty, Skipper and Sparky.

Those of you who want to offer their kids a good play area can buy KidKraft Lego Compatible 2 in 1 Activity Table. It has a double-sides play board and storage underneath it. In addition, can be used by more than one kids at the same time. Now you can find this product at a 34% lower price at

Ages 6 years – 12 years

Every young boy wants to run his own castle and lead his own group of soldiers. That is why the LEGO Kings Castle will make a great gift for boys between the ages 6 and 12. The castle has everything seen in a real castle – towers, collapsing back wall, prison and a catapult weapon. Of course, the set also includes many soldiers, knights and a king.

Other boys are more mesmerized by the powerful machines like airplanes. They will definitely enjoy playing with the LEGO City 60022 Cargo Terminal Toy Building Set. This building set consists of entire cargo plane and five minifigures with various accessories. Also, this LEGO toy can be combined with all other LEGO City sets!

Ages 9 years – 14 years

For older boys, you will need something more challenging, like LEGO Chima 70010 The Lion CHI Temple. This temple is not an ordinary one since it has a fortress, hidden traps and different vehicles. This set will make a good additional to any LEGO toys of the CHI series.

The Star Wars sage is particularly interesting to pre-teen and young teen boys. Therefore, the LEGO Star Wars Jabbas Sail Barge will keep them amused for hours one end. If you purchase this set from Amazon, you will be able to save 21% from its price.

Amazon offers the biggest selection of Lego sets one can imagine, much richer than any retail other store. In addition, shopping online is very convenient as it saves time and it could be done from any where.


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