Furby is back as hottest toy for Christmas 2013


Many of you might remember the winter of 1998 when a hot, new toy had hit the shelves for Christmas. It was the first generation Furby, a cute furball that talked and giggled, which became a must-have for every kid that holiday season. Now, after a makeover and funnier than ever, Furby is back as the hottest toy for Christmas 2013.

The initial Furby’s first public appearance was extremely successful. Upon release they sold very well with original price of $35, which reached $300 in newspapers and auctions. The toy was in such a big demand that they became collectables and could be purchased only online. The popular furry toy disappeared from stores and reappeared in 2005 for short and then in 2012. In August 2013, the brand new Furby BOOM came out which had a brand new iOS app and lots of entertaining features.

So, why the Furby BOOM toy is so hot? It is an interactive plush creature which responds to music, motion and your voice. Moreover, the main reason for its popularity is its “intelligence” which the Furby shows by “learning” new languages. Once you buy a brand new toy, it speaks only Furbish – a special language, created for the creatures. Then, you start teaching it English words, and as it is programmed to speak less and less of its own language with time and more English, it appears to be intelligent. And its infra red sensor, placed between the eyes enables it to communicate with other Furbies around or to know whether there is someone in front of it. Like the previous models, kids can tickle it, pet it, or feed it by pressing a button on its tongue.

The new Furby BOOM has an app which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It adds even more features and enables you to interact with your furball via your phone or tablet. You can name it from a list of combinations and monitor its vitals – whether it is hungry, clean; does it need to use the bathroom and does it feel alright. The other super-fun option is that you can collect, hatch and raise virtual Furbies on your device which will play games with the physical Furby Boom.

Now you might see why kids so desperately want the Furby toy and if you are searching for it in local stores, you may well return home empty handed. It is again in high demand and it is priced at $64.99. Many retailers will take advantage and will raise the prices, so don’t wait until the traditional sales around Black Friday. Instead, get it online. Right now, the largest online retailer offers it at a $24.00 discount, for only $40.99. The Furby BOOM app is available to download for free at the App Store.


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