Holiday 2013 Retail Shopping Trends


This year, Black Friday will take place on November 29. Although retailers are already lining up luring deals and promotions, the big shopping is always reserved for Black Friday. A new survey gives an interesting insight into the 2013 holiday retail shopping trends. According to it, this year’s Black Friday will be the biggest in history.

What’s on Your  Shopping List or the Holiday?

The survey was conducted and published by Accenture and it bears the title Holiday Shopping Survey Results 2013. The report states that the most popular Christmas presents will be gift cards. About 56% of all holiday shoppers have stated that gift cards are at the top of their shopping lists. The most popular are Amazon’s gift cards and wellness gift cards.

The second most popular type of item will be clothes. Around 54% of the people who participated in the survey plan to purchase apparel for the holidays.

Toys and electronic goods will also enjoy high consumer demand. According to the study, toys will make up about 44% of all presents this Christmas. Electronics, on the other hand, will enjoy a share of nearly 40%.

Online or In-Store?

Online holiday shopping will reach a brand new level this year. About 63% of the survey participants will do their holiday shopping on the web. That is because this will allow them to browse for better deals. In fact, 65% of shoppers will make an online bargain research when making their shopping list for the holidays.

How Much Will You Spend?

This year, consumers are planning to spend more on holiday gifts. They have increased their budget by 11% or about $646 on the average. More than half of them will rely mainly on money they have saved before the holidays.

Bargain hunting will again play a big role in holiday shopping. However, most consumers are not willing to spend on products which are discounted with less than 30%. In addition, almost 40% of shoppers will return items if they later spot the same on a lower price.

Black Friday Buzz

The peak of this holiday shopping season will be Black Friday, of course. It is predicted to hit a five-year high since more and more people are willing to queue for dirt-cheap presents. Around 55% of consumers plan to do their holiday shopping on November 29. Interestingly, nearly 40% of shoppers will hit the stores earlier, on Thanksgiving Day.

This holiday shopping season promises to be big and loud. Therefore, both consumers and retailers should start preparing for it as soon as they can.


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