New Schools System to Simplify Academic Attestation in Dubai



Attesting academic certificates from Dubai’s private schools has become easier for parents and schools through a new online process initiated by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

The move is in line with the Government of Dubai’s Smart Government programme, which aims to bring government services seamlessly and directly to residents.

Electronic attestation is made possible through KHDA’s online schools system, which allows schools to apply through their desktops, laptops or smart phones. Once applications have been received from schools, KHDA will issue certificates with a QR authorisation tag linking back to students’ academic records. Schools can obtain the final certificates in both hard copy and PDF format, which can be saved online and sent to parents electronically.

All students registered in Dubai’s private schools are required to provide attested certificates before enrolling at a new school in Dubai or overseas. In addition to ensuring the swift completion of the attestation process, the new online system can be used to transfer students between schools and provide leaving certificates.

“The electronic attestation of academic certificates will make the whole process more convenient for schools, parents and students. For KHDA this is the start of a very successful initiative and there will be more smart services to come in the future,” said Abdulrahman Nassir, Chief of Customer Relations at KHDA.

“We are now equipped to process all attestations electronically. Through this online initiative we are bringing the service directly to the customer, revolutionising the process of attestation.”

Every private school in Dubai has received a series of training sessions on the new schools system, demonstrating the services available and educating school administrators about the benefits of an online attestation programme.


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