Airplane Etiquette For Pleasant Flight Experience


Airplane etiquette is a compulsory when flying from and to the Middle East

If you are one of those people who live their lives by a book, you most probably know that there is an etiquette for different occasions. So, there is also an airplane etiquette!

If you fly from time to time between your home country and Dubai, which you most probably do, there are certain things you should have noticed by now. Still, there are many people, who although flying often, make the same mistakes over and over again – wearing belts with metal buckles, forgetting IDs or security documents or speaking loudly during the flight. There are certain rules, an airplane etiquette, you should follow to make the trip more pleasant for everyone.

Try to arrive at the airport earlier, so you have enough time for everything. Take a book or a magazine to keep you distracted if you have to wait longer for your flight. You don’t have to get nervous and take it out on others.


Getting through airport security can be irritating even if you are Emirates Airline frequent flyer, but knowing the rules will make things easier. Have your boarding pass and identification out. Check with the airline about how many and what size bags you can take on the plane with you. Airline’s regulations change frequently and you need to update yourself frequently. You may be asked to take your shoes or jewelry off, so don’t be surprised! Put your liquids, cosmetics and aerosols in a separate zip-top bag if you take them in your hand luggage. Many security authorities will require that you put your lighter in a plastic bag and take it as a hand luggage. Take your laptop out of its bag and remove your hat, belt and jacket. Following these rules, you should get through the security line faster. Just remember, stay calm and quiet and move quickly.

At the Gate

The inevitable crowds of people that form in front of the gates can be avoided. Try not to block the gate and hallway, by standing in the way – just find a wall to stand against and wait patiently.


Take your boarding pass out, ready to scan. Take your bag off your shoulder and hold it low to the ground, unless you want to bump anyone you are walking by. Avoid using the overhead compartment for your bags. Once you are on board, walk to your seat, put the bags under it and sit down – don’t hold up everyone else by pulling mineral water, books or snacks from the overhead compartment.

During the Flight

Try not to talk too much – most people use their time during a flight getting some work done, reading a book, or napping. Say “hello” to your seatmate but keep it to yourself. Don’t recline the seat, you will make the others feel uncomfortable. If for you it is really important to fly in a comfy seat, Emirates Airline should be your airline of choice as their seats are usually spacier.


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