Mobile Apps Can Save Us 22 Days per Year



How much time do you spend every day in switching between mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet? These devices can be really pricey, time-consuming and obsessing mainly thanks to the various mobile applications offered for them. However, a new research has discovered that mobile apps can actually save us a lot of time, or to be more specific 22 days per year.

According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive and published by Mobiletor, applications save us about 88 minutes of time on daily basis. That makes a total of 22 days or a little over three weeks every year.

The research also found that 97% of the owners of mobile devices frequently rely on one application at the least. In addition, the most popular type of mobile application is the email app. Right after that are applications for texting and social networking. Impressive is also the number of people who use apps for Internet browsing (33%), games (26%), weather (17%), maps and GPS (14%), as well as calendar functions (10%).

Despite the fact that email apps are the most popular ones, they do not save us that much time. The study states that text mobile applications are actually the most time-saving. On the average, this type of apps can save around 53 minutes a day. In contrast, email applications save only 35 minutes. Social networking apps save even less – 25 minutes.

The research also suggests that mobile apps can be useful at work. About 20% of the workers who rely on email apps share that this makes them more productive. In addition, the same amount of people said that they were using GPS and email applications more in their work then for personal reasons. Over 33% of them were reported to use these apps equally in and out their workplace.

This discovery clearly shows that mobile apps can be really useful in our daily lives. However, the research concludes that barely 8% of all owners of mobile devices use all of their functions. In other words, smartphone and tablet PC users are not taking full advantage of this technology. As a matter of fact, just ask yourself the question how much apps you have installed on your personal device. Then think how many of them you actually use. In addition, not many are those who access other functions like task manager or offline browsing.


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