Podcasting is the newest social media marketing trend



Podcasts are video or audio files which are sent over the web. They can be downloaded on the consumer’s computer device or streamed online. Many marketers use podcasts to spread the word about a product or a service. The reason for this is that podcasting has many benefits. For instance, it does not have a topic limitation. Also, podcasts resemble lectures and listeners can often learn something useful or interesting from them. Despite that this marketing platform is not that popular among marketers who use social media in their work. However, a new study states that this will change pretty soon. As a matter of fact, podcasting is expected to become one of the top marketing trends on social media websites this year.

The research is called “2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” and it is conducted on annual basis by Social Media Examiner. More than 3000 marketers have participated in it. The aim of the study was to reveal how these professionals rely and use the advantages which social media platforms offer in their work.

The results of the survey showed that presently barely 5% of social media markers make use of podcasting. However, about 24% of all respondents plan to focus more in podcasting activities this year. This is nearly a five-time jump which potentially makes podcast marketing in social websites the fastest growing trend for 2013. In addition, more than 30% of the marketers who do not rely on podcasting are open to expand their knowledge on the topic.

The study suggests that the rise of this tendency is triggered by the increasing number of smartphone users. Also, the number of podcasting mobile application has jumped greatly over the last one year. Car manufacturers are too adding to the popularization of this trend thanks to the in-built podcasting features in their products.

Among the other findings of the research is that the amount of marketers who recognize social media as a key tool in their work has increased compared to 2012. Most respondents believe that social websites offer them many benefits. The biggest of them was said to be increased exposure (89%). In addition, about 75% of the marketers who participated in the study share that they managed to increase their traffic through social media. Interestingly, more than half of them have found that social platforms are very effective in improving sales rates.

Another curious conclusion made by the research is that social media marketing is here to stay. Marketers are reported to have no intention to reduce or stop using social websites in their job. In fact, most of them are willing to further develop and improve their skill and knowledge in the area. Around 88% of the survey respondents want to master social media engagement and tactics. Also, blogging is still enjoying a rising popularity which is predicted to continue in 2013 reaching a total of 62%.

Nevertheless, marketers are most willing to invest in marketing on video sharing platforms. Nearly 70% of them have included this in their future plans and are determined to invest more in the field.

This study points that some of the well-known social media platforms among users have or will become less appreciated by marketers. Professionals in the sphere are looking for new ways to get the attention of consumers. Moreover, they are rediscovering some older tactics and strategies, like blogging and podcasting.


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