Mission Impossible: Keeping Children Away From Computers



Non-Tech Activities for Kids That are Both Educating and Entertaining

Children on the iNternet-39165654 Today, children are growing up surrounded by technology. That is why they are often more experienced and familiar with electronics than adults. Although technology gives them access to a lot of information and makes their lives easier and more fun, kids need to engage into some technology-free activities. In that way they will not become dependent on technology and they will experience real life as it is. But keeping children away from computers, TVs and video games seems to parents a mission impossible. Not many things can grab kids’ attention nowadays. Moreover, those which do grab it are usually not really educational. However, there are some fun old-day non-tech activities for kids that can actually teach them something.

Simple Science Experiments

Don’t worry we are not talking about homemade explosive volcanoes or other dangerous experiments. You can simply make a sundial and then explain your kids about the planets and their movements. Another thing you can do is to plant seeds. In that way your children will learn more about the biology of plants. They will understand the relationship between them and sunlight, soil, bees and etc.

Write a Short Story

Even if your kids are too young, you can sit down and write a short story together. That will develop their creativity and imagination. Also, it will teach them how to construct texts and improve their language skills.

Pen Friend

In the past kids did not have social networks or chat platforms. The only way they could make friends with someone from abroad was by writing long letters regularly. This activity is still useful today, since it will help your children practice their writing and foreign language skills. Practicing a language with a native speaker will encourage them to use their knowledge more actively.

Draw a Family Tree

We assure you that this activity will be very interesting to your children. It includes drawing and storytelling and kids love both of these things. By introducing your children to their family tree, you will familiarize them with their ancestors as well as some major historical events that influenced their lives.

Go Outdoors

Ultimately, this is the most educating, entertaining and healthy activity for kids. You can even practice it in the city by visiting a park in the area. There, you can explore the wildlife together and discuss things like the landscapes around you and the weather. Buying baseball gloves for kids and taking them to the park for a game of catch is another healthy and entertaining activity.

Technology is useful and it is everywhere. So you can’t fight it and you can’t block it from your kids’ lives. However, you can introduce them to some alternative activities which you have practiced yourself as a child.

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