Study Outlines Most Successful Social Media Marketing Techniques



Today, businesses greatly rely on social media marketing to promote their services and products. Companies and marketers try out different strategies hoping to reach more potential clients and to develop and grow. Unfortunately, that is not always an easy task. However, a recent study reveals the best and most effective marketing tactics that are used in social media.

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The research is conducted by agency consulting firm called Ascend2 and was published by eMarketer. It is based on the opinion and experience of marketing professionals from all over the globe. According to over 35% of them, the most effective way to market a product or a service on social websites is by offering blog posts and articles to users. The survey reveals that professionals have found this strategy to work best when it comes to engagement.

Another great tactic is publishing studies and researches. It is said that they have the power to trigger the clients’ curiosity even if they are not directly relevant for them. Video and audio content can also popularize a brand. That is the opinion of 29% professionals.

Among the other winning social media marketing tactics is using buttons for sharing, and running branded social networks and branded blogs. The least effective strategies is relying on branded microblogs, along with content sharing websites.

However, do not think that once you know which the top marketing tactics are, you will have an easy time. Quite the opposite! The new study reveals that the most successful strategies are also the hardest to achieve. More than 30% of the professionals who took part in the study believe that video and audio content, followed by research content and article content are the hardest one to create. In comparison, the easiest ones were using sharing buttons and microblogs.

Companies that use social media for marketing are also faced with many other challenges. The biggest of them is reported to be the lack of enough personnel for content creation or social engagement. More than 40% of the respondents have or had to deal with this problem. The other major difficulty for companies and their social media marketing campaigns is the ROI (return of investment) measuring. That is due to the fact that social websites offer limited insights and statistics to businesses.

These findings reveal that social media marketing is not as easy as it sounds.

Here is the complete list of the most successful social media marketing tactics:

  • Creating article/blog post content
  • Creating research/whitepaper content
  • Creating video/audio content
  • Using social sharing buttons
  • Administering branded social networks
  • Administering braded blogs
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Administering content sharing sites
  • Administering branded microblogs


  1. Through social media, you are able to reach potential customers from all walks and all ages. It’s also perfect for customer engagement. 


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