A New Challenge for Mobile Users: Web Data


Mobile devices are now boosting with features and features that offer more convenience and entertainment than ever. The majority of people who own such gadgets use them to access the web. However, that may soon become a problem.

Loads of Web Data

According to a study made by HTTP Archive, web pages’ size is growing. The research discovered that one webpage requires 1.3MP on the average. That is 35% more compared to 2012. These megabytes can easily be handled by PCs and laptops. However, mobile phones and tablets will soon struggle to cope with that amount of data. This is especially the case with users who are on limited data plans. Moreover, even the mobile versions of the websites are not much mobile-friendly either.

HTTP Archives has found that the data of a web page accessed through a mobile device is about 720KB. Although smaller than that on bigger computers, the web data on mobile devices is still too big. In the opinion of experts, mobile electronics work well with pages which require 700-800KB. Data bigger than that can choke the devices. In addition, carriers offer mobile plans that allow a small amount of traffic and data. That is now too limiting for users.

Why Bigger

You may wonder why pages are suddenly becoming so big. The main reason is that the majority of page owners try to make their products more appealing and interesting. For that purpose, they apply detailed designs and lots of pictures and videos. Also, mobile devices have become more sophisticated. They now have screens with very high resolution and their owners want to see images with higher quality. That is why websites use images that are often four times larger than the regular.

However, in their attempt to make their product more aesthetically appealing, website owners forget something very important. Namely, that page visitors will enjoy their browsing experience less if they are constantly worrying that they may exceed their limit and pay a small fortune.

These user-unfriendly websites download data that is often above the recommended 700-800KB. That spoils the experience making browsing on mobile devices limited and, thus, useless. In contrast, a page that consists only of text will download only 100KB.

If this data trend continues, mobile uses will soon need to either stop browsing on the go or switch to skyrocketing mobile data plans.


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