2013 Mobile World Congress – Smartphones of the Future



Only a few days are left until the start of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the introduction of latest and most innovative mobile technologies. To tune into the spirit of the upcoming event, we have decided to give you a peak into the future of the smartphone. Here is a list with the expected developments in the smartphone industry in the near future.

Wireless Payment Instead of Physical Wallets

The technology is slowly starting to gain popularity. A small number of retailers already accept mobile payments. In addition, Google Wallet now works with more credit cards and this trend is likely to stay. Not long ago, PayPal too started to offer a service that enables payment via smartphone. It won’t be long before physical wallets are completely replaced by electronic ones.

Biometric Security Instead of Passwords

Passwords have a lot of downsides. For example, they are easy to hack and, for many, easy to forget. That is why tech companies are now developing a new type of web security that will use your biometric data for authentication. For instance, it will use your facial features, finger prints or voice to gain you access to websites, files, account and etc. This technology will also be integrated in smartphones. In fact, some models already use facial recognition for authentication.

Smartphones with Unlimited Connection

Soon smart mobile phones will have the ability to connect to pretty much everything. They will be able to quickly link to computers and various other devices via Bluetooth. Moreover, users will have the chance to navigate through them using virtual assistants like Google Voice and Siri.

The Rise of Google Voice and Siri

Talking of Google Voice and Siri, these two technologies will become even more smarter and they will offer more complex features. Also, it is predicted that these programs will get a human face in the near future. So, users will no longer feel that they are communicating with a machine. In addition, consumers will have the option to customize the avatar or even select a specific personality for the program.

3D Screens

In the near future, smartphones will have 3D screens. However, they will not require the use of special 3D glasses. Instead, they will show the images outside the device and allow you to step inside them.

Screenless Smartphones

Other smartphones will go even further since they will no longer need displays. They will use 3D pop-up images like those seen in sci-fi movies.

Some of these smartphones trends of the future are expected to be seen during this year’s Mobile World Congress like wireless payment functions and biometric security, for example.


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