UAE Stock Markets on a Bullish Run


Since the beginning of 2013 most of the stocks listed on the both UAE stock markets rose. In respect, investors confidence has grown. Now, market participants are more satisfied with the current performance of UAE’s stock market. Significant gains are recorded in more the 21 UAE-listed companies.

Another great performer is NASDAQ Dubai. Recently, NASDAQ has developed an Advisory Group of experts. They will guide NASDAQ Dubai into the proposed new stock market for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). In addition, the market will offer shares to the public even in high-growth companies.

The SME Exchange is not the only development that the Advisory Group will oversee. The agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) is mandated to further develop SME sector in the emirate. The Advisory Group will bring Dubai SME together with accountants, lawyers, leading investment bankers and investor relations experts.

In the long term, this strategy is projected to impact positively UAE stocks and investors confidence.

The Bourse in Dubai hit a 32-month high. This is a break out above a long-term resistance level as bullish sentiment on UAE equities strengthens. Technical analysts claim that passing the 1,785 threshold would indicate the development of a major growth pattern.

The growth pattern aids the UAE stock markets for a major reversal upward move. At the same time the stock market typically heads higher in affect of the finalization of the pattern.

According to experts the recent stock market performance is more than good. If this temp of growth keeps it pace stock can hit a price last recorded about four year ago.


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