Social Networking Etiquette


Social websites are used for communication, information sharing and receiving, marketing, entertainment, shopping and gaming. However, the most important thing about these platforms is that they are “social”. That means that we primarily use them to connect with other people. We all know that all sorts of human interactions revolve around different rules that determine what is right and what – wrong. These rules are also known as etiquette. Social networks also have their etiquette that we need to follow. The problem is that not many people are familiar with it. That is why we decided to take the time and outline the most important etiquette rules in social networking.

Rule #1 – Be careful who you unfriend/unfollow

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Often, social network users have more friends online than in real life. In addition, many people accept friend request of people they have never met. So, from time to time, we need to do a little clean-up and delete some of our contacts. There is nothing wrong about this. However, sometimes a quarrel with a dear friend may make us so angry that we may decide to erase this person from our social world. Some people even do that with members of their family like parents, brothers and sisters. The problem comes the next day when you realize you were mad for nothing. Mending the situation after deleting someone you care about from Facebook and Twitter becomes hard and often impossible. Therefore, never take any big social actions when you are angry.

Rule #2 – Don’t lie

Be yourself. There is no need to pretend to be someone else by posting smiley or photoshopped pictures. People have seen you and they know how you look. In addition, there are some social users who have the habit of saying that they like certain things just because they make them appear smarter, nicer and greater. That is also wrong. For example, don’t publish post like “I have always believed that Freud is a genius!” if you haven’t read anything by him. The truth will out… sooner or later.

Rule #3 – Do use correct spelling and grammar

Bad or sloppy spelling and grammar make a really bad impression on others. You may think that it is cool to use abbreviations like OMG, LOL and etc. However, the truth is that when posted by people over 15, they are not amusing at all.

Rule #4 – Don’t publish inappropriate photos

This goes for both photos of you and of other people. Posting images that show you in some awkward situation, position or outfit will only a make you a subject of mockery. Of course, if that is what you want, then feel free to do it. However, never and under no circumstances publish inappropriate photos and videos of other people without their permission. You may find the moustache picture of your sleeping friend hilarious, but that doesn’t mean that he does too.

Rule #5 – Don’t post irrelevant information

Under “irrelevant” we mean pictures of your breakfast or posts about your new haircut. This is routine information that concerns only you and no one else. That is why it will be best if you keep it to yourself. If you really want to publish something on your social profile, then just post a song, a movie trailer or an interesting article… In other words, content that others may find useful.


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