Will the next iPhone get a bigger screen


The anticipation for Apple’s next smartphone started to build up a little after the company released its iPhone 5. What come next, people want to know. Would it be iPhone 6 or 6.1 or something else? Consumers are anxious to see if the smart handset will offer them anything better, new and different from the traditional design and spec of the device.

Rumour Has it

Some of the most discussed topics related to the next-generation iPhone are about its screen and, more specifically, its screen size. There are various rumours that claim that Apple Inc. will launch an iPhone with a bigger display. Some of them say that the company will introduce a smartphone with a larger screen in June. Others report that iPhone 6 will be bigger and cheaper. A number of analysts are also certain that Apple is currently working on a smartphone device with a larger display size.

New Smartphone Trend

But why is all that fuss? Why is it believed that Apple will release an iPhone with a bigger screen? The answer to both these questions is one – a new smartphone trend. Tech manufacturers are enlarging the sizes of smartphones, making them 5” or even more. This trend can already be seen on many markets. In Asia, for example, smartphones with bigger displays, like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note II , are extremely popular. In addition, the trend is expected to soon take over another big tech market – the U.S.

iPhone’s Screen Size Over the Years

Even though, Apple’s smartphone has a big display, they have never offered a device with screen size of 5” or bigger. The company started out with a 3.5” iPhone with a resolution of 480×320 and 163ppi back in 2007. In 2010, the size stayed the same, but the resolution grew to 960×640 and 326 ppi. Apple’s latest smartphone, iPhone 5, boosts with a brand new 4” display and a resolution of 1136×640 and 326ppi.

So will the tech giant introduce an iPhone with a bigger display size?

And the Answer is…

…Probably no. Despite all the rumours and speculations, Apple may not develop a smartphone with a larger screen… for now. That was revealed by Tim Cook, Apple Inc.’s CEO. According to Cook, iPhone 5 has a perfect size. That was because the screen of the device was big enough to offer great image experience and yet not too big to require two-handed use.

Other Factors Pointing to “No”

But that may not be the only reason why Apple backs away from 5” displays. If the next iPhone gets a bigger screen, it will cause some headaches to many app developers. That is because they will need to build many of their iPhone applications anew. As you can imagine, that is a time- and money-consuming process.

However, that won’t be necessary if Apple chooses to enlarge the size of the display and keep its present resolution. Nevertheless, that will mean that users will get less satisfying image and video quality.

The tech world is unpredictable and we should be prepared for all sorts of surprises. Despite Tim Cook’s words, Apple may decide to change the size of the next iPhone. But to find out whether that will chose to make it smaller or bigger, we will have to wait for a few more months.


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