Christmas Gifts on a Shoestring


A lot of people are worried this year how would they get through the holiday season. With the weakened economy and increasing rates of unemployment, buying everyone a Christmas gift or having a holiday trip could be sometimes a mission impossible.

It is always a good idea to make a plan for spending your money. A little strategy will make your holiday really good and will help you avoid the post-Christmas regrets. Set a firm budget and stick to it. Then try to replace the gift giving to every member of your family with a simple exchange system. Write down your names on paper and put the sheets in a bag. Then pull out one and see the name – this is the only person you will buy something. Another good idea is to make the gifts on your own. Hand-made items are always more appreciated and cherished than the expensive purchase from the store. Do not buy anything expensive for yourself – it is tempting to give yourself a present, but it is also pointless and unnecessary. The whole point of the Christmas gifts is to make other people happy. And try not to spoil the children with multiple gifts – one Christmas gift for each child should be sufficient. There are some ideas for less expensive presents that might be helpful.

Family photos in frames

Usually, we all have relatives that don’t see very often – grandparents, aunts and uncles or cousins. Take one of your family photos and put it in a decorative frame. It will make a great gift especially if the photo is very old, when you were a child, or it is from the wedding or the graduation. Also a lot of photo shops offer calendars, mugs, mouse mats, etc., with your own photo on them. This is very personal gift that everyone would love to receive.

Experience instead of material item

It would be much more exciting for the whole family or friends to do something together for Christmas. There are many options here – cinema or theatre vouchers and tickets, tickets to local attractions or subscription to the person’s favourite magazine. It can cost you less than a material gift and will be lovely and memorable present.

Home-made cookies and cakes

If you consider yourself a good cook with a little imagination these gifts will be really unique. Place your biscuits, chocolates and jams in coloured jars or professional looking boxes. Decorate with gift tags and ribbons, and you will have a great and delicious present. Biscuits and cookies will look nice bundled up in cellophane paper and tied up with a big ribbon.

Hand-made crafts

They are usually easy to make and really cheap. You can try to do little home-made soap bars. Make them in shapes of a star or a simple snowflake. You can find very easy recipes for them. You can also make Christmas cards only with paper and a little decoration.

A book

Many people usually underestimate the book. In fact, it is a compliment for the receiver – intellectual treasure that cannot be replaced. Wrap it and place it in a decorated box and you can be surprised how nice it looks as a Christmas gift.


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