Tips for Stress-Free Christmas Holiday



Remember the most essential things for a healthier and happier Christmas holiday. First, ease the stress by drawing up a budget, shopping early gifts and food, and taking steps to avoid overspending. Discuss your Christmas plans with the whole family and take the needs of each family member into account, especially when you plan a Christmas holiday. And of course, don’t expect miracles on Christmas – you and other family members may have been apart for the whole year, so no surprise if there is some tension now.

There are a lot of factors that can ruin the festive holiday and undermine even the best intentions. See some practical suggestions for a stress-free Christmas this year.


Work out a rough budget of expected Christmas celebrations costs as early as possible. If the money you prepared doesn’t cover the estimated expenses, consider recalculating the budget to more realistic amount. Try to save some money for any surprising payments; there is always something to ruin the plan.


If you have a big family, and a lot of friends you want to buy a present, an excessive spending could lead you to a bankruptcy. Buy gifts only for the kids, and for your closest people. Try with more unconventional presents such as hand-made Christmas ornaments and cards, bags of Christmas cookies, or a bottle of wine. Set a limit on the cost of presents for each person. 

The Christmas lunch/dinner

Preparing the festive meal is enjoyable, but at the same time tiring and stressful. Have each member of the family helps with something, or consider a buffet lunch. Don’t cook fifty meals, when five or six will be enough. And most of all, do the shopping early, because on Christmas, most supermarkets are very busy which can be time consuming and irritating.


Avoid known triggers at the family gatherings –  politics, for example can be a touchy subject in your family. Don’t talk about it and use some distraction if anyone brings up the issue. Plan some activity after lunch for the whole party – a game of cards, or cricket, or some game everyone will like.


Don’t drink too much and don’t smoke too much, these two won’t calm you down or solve your problems; instead, they will probably just make it worse.  Try a moderate approach when sitting at the table, too much food will only harm you and your figure. Drink more water during and between meals. Try to sleep more, a good night sleep always reduces the stress.

Here are few suggestions where you can dine on Christmas Eve or to enjoy a Christmas Day Brunch in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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