Top Christmas Decoration Mistakes



Christmas time is the season when everyone becomes crafty and turns into a home decorator. This is great when you have an aesthetic taste and if you are naturally good at designing spaces. Not all of us however possess such abilities. To start decorating the house, wrapping the Christmas gifts, preparing meals and greeting cards you should also have enough time for all of this. Here are few tips to avoid the most common mistakes when you put on your Christmas decoration at home or at your office.

Don’t leave everything for the last minute. If you do that, your house will look more like a madhouse than a Christmas decorated house. Plan ahead everything very carefully. Decide what you need and make a list. Collect new items one by one and add them to ones from previous years. If there is something that just don’t fit in, don’t try to find a place for it. Just put it away in the closet. And don’t wait for December to start preparing – you have a whole year to think and try new things.

Don’t turn the Christmas lights into a safety hazard. Although it brings light and warmth, fire is not the best celebrating of Christmas. Check lights for protruding wire or loose bulbs. Use cord covers for safety. And most of all don’t use too many lights – there is no need for your house to be seen by the whole town.
Don’t mix up presents. That awkward moment when your child opens your father’s gift. Make gift tags and cards to ensure everybody has their present.

Don’t over decorate. Don’t let the decoration hide the house. Avoid big Christmas tree that dominates the whole room. Don’t scatter little ornaments everywhere or too much glitter. Choose one colour theme and stick to it. Don’t mix all colours and styles; choose a style and colour that correspond to the all-year furniture and style.

Avoid messy Christmas decorations. If you use glitter everywhere it will begin to fall and stick to your clothes, furniture and so on. If you have evergreen wreaths they will eventually drop pricks and leaves on the floor. If decide to use them make sure to clean around them twice a day. You can water your Christmas tree daily as well.

Don’t be a perfectionist. Nothing is ever perfect. Christmas season is stressful enough. Just realize that no matter what you do something will go wrong. The perfect holiday is when you can relax and enjoy the time with your family, regardless of the burned turkey or the broken ornament.

Avoid plastic cups and paper napkins. This is not an everyday event so don’t be too casual. Don’t drink too much, even on New Year’s Eve. The holidays are special time – try to celebrate it, not forget it. Take out your silverware and best china and use them. The beautiful table setting creates a memorable and precious family meal.


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