Twitter more popular than Facebook among women in UAE


It has been found that women in the United Arab Emirates simply love Twitter. Recent survey on the topic revealed that they’re three times more likely to use Twitter on a daily basis than their counterparts in the United States. Moreover, they generally tweet seven times more than the average Twitter user.

Researchers from Dubai’s Zayed University and New Zealand’s Massey University observed the social networking habits of 167 women in the UAE.

Nearly 60 percent of the respondents reported they check their Twitter feeds several times a day, and they enjoy tweeting about their personal thoughts and philosophy as opposed to news or current events. Furthermore, 83 percent of the tweets covered by the survey were related to daily talks and random thoughts. It has been discovered that these women enjoy tweeting so much because they want to explore their inner self. They discovered that tweeting and reading the responses their friends tweeted back helped them understand who they are.

Stats introduced this summer which suggest that over 1.3 million people in the Arab world are actively tweeting reflect this popularity of Twitter in the UAE.

Facebook, however, is not as popular as Twitter. The women who participated in the survey do not like its more complex and awkward layout, and are massively leaving the network . Only one third of them reported they use Facebook regularly.

You might be surprised by this news but the facts speak for themselves – Twitter is more popular than Facebook among women in the UAE.


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