Advice for models: Run as fast as you can!



Helena Christensen has joked she’d advise wannabe models to “run as fast as you can”.

The Danish supermodel has been involved with the Crystallized Swarovski Unsigned Models Search, which aimed to find two new faces to model Swarovski Crystallized’s Spring/Summer 12 collection.

The models Reece Sanders and Freya McHugh were eventually chosen and Helena has described what it was like to work with them.

“I want to say, ‘Run as fast as you can!’” she laughed, when asked what tips she’d given the pair. “Not really, but I’d say if you do it, you’ll have an incredible time. I definitely feel protective of them.

“Sometimes it’s better to shoot someone who has never modelled before. There’s an innocence that you lose when you’ve been doing it for a while, but when you’ve never done it before a photographer can capture something special; like your inner child.”

The 43-year-old has enjoyed a storming career, working with models and companies such as Revlon and Victoria’s Secret.

She doesn’t think about her past accomplishments that much as she still has a lot she wants to achieve in life.

“I don’t feel modelling has changed: everyone else seems to think it has, but it still feels the same to me,” she  told

“I suppose, I was in a pretty unique position, so it’s hard to be subjective. It’s always calm at the eye of the storm! Sometimes I’ll stop and think, ‘Wow. Remember that? I did that,’ but as a person I really don’t look back much. I like to move forward; look to the next project. I still enjoy working and love new opportunities so I don’t think of the past much – but it’s nice to have amazing memories that come back every now and again like a fairy tale.”

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