HOT pop star to releases new album “Andi Amal Bokra” on EMI label


  EMI Music Arabia, one of the world’s leading music companies, has announced the signing of top pop artist, Mohamed Khairy and the release of his new studio music album. Produced by Top Music label, this is already being tipped to become one the hottest pop albums, with the release set for 25th September 2011.

Mohamed Khairy is a young Egyptian pop star who rose to fame with the hit song “Ameet El Thawarah ” which launch his singing career, and led to a fast expanding fan base.

He has also become very popular after appearing on the top talent show “Studio El Fan”, and has been lauded for his exceptional vocal abilities and charisma, winning the Gold Medal prize in this contest

The Egyptian star is already a successful artist in his own right having released many successful singles that have topped the charts across the region.

The new album “Andi Amal Bokra” is his debut album, and includes the hit single “Batasaab”, the video of which will soon be airing on key TV channels. The album also features 12 other great pop tracks, with Khairy teaming up with the finest composers and writers like Amir Teema, Amr Mostafa, Aziz Al Shafaai, Ayman Bahgat Amar, Khaled Tag El Deen, Gamal Al Khouli, Mohamed Yehiah and Tamer Ali to produce one amazing album!


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