Middle East companies lack Crisis Management Schemes



Many companies across the Middle East region do not have a robust disaster recovery or crisis management programme in place, putting their business at serious risk, according to an international expert in the field of business resilience.

Natural disasters and economic turmoil have reached unprecedented levels across the globe over the last 12 months, which have caught out many organizations, according to Professor Edward Borodzicz, Director of the International Center for Business Resilience (ICBR), which operates under the umbrella of Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG).

“Regrettably, too many people overlook the importance of having a business resilience plan in place” he said. “As a result, many have been caught out by a series of global events that have put a great strain on their ability to operate, or in some cases, even forced closure.

“All businesses, even small and medium enterprises, must set the requirements of business continuity to enable a systematic response to all kinds of potential threats and crisis that may impact their overall operations. The importance of having a business continuity program improves the stability of companies, thereby increasing job security and enabling survival during the toughest conditions – including economic downturn,” added Borodzicz.

“According to our research, UAE companies and organizations lead the way in preparedness, and are recognizing the disastrous consequences disruption or catastrophes can have. But this number is still very small,” he said.

Equipping the local companies to undertake practical management of crisis situations, The International Center for Business Resilience (ICBR) recently organized the third Masterclass session in Crisis and Resilience Management, held at Abu Dhabi University’s Khalifa City campus. The seminar concentrated on understanding the causes of organizational failure and how to address it through training, simulation and case studies.

“Since the launch of International Center for Business Resilience, we have been providing comprehensive training courses in business continuity and crisis management program to leading companies in the UAE. Latest research, case studies including international best practices and effective tools on contingency and resilience are presented to our delegates during the Masterclass,” he added.

The International Center for Business Resilience was first borne out of a partnership between ADUKG and the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) to promote crisis management capacity-building across the region. It is designed to integrate international expertise in training, education, consultancy, cutting-edge research and knowledge transfer as per the needs of the Emirates and the wider region. The Center acts as a hub for experts and practitioners to deal with some of the most important risk facing the region and provide links to international centers throughout the world.


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