Worldwide Tablet Computer Market Forecast



The global market for Tablet computers officially entered a period of rapid growth and expansion in 2010. Apple’s launch of the iPad marked the start of the Tablet revolution. Across the globe, Tablet sales and adoption are being driven by the demands of today’s mobile society. Consumers and enterprises alike need real-time, on-demand access to content, the internet, computing and communication tools, and high-quality services. Additionally, end-users are seeking limitless access to these features, and the ability to remove the constraints of physical location from daily life. Tablets, equipped with the power of mobile computing , have emerged as the perfect solution.

Sleek user interfaces, quality components, extended battery lives, portability, competitive price points, excellent functionality, and access to content & apps have allowed Tablets to become a core computing device, seen in the same vein as smartphones and PCs, and sought by users globally. It is therefore not surprising that Tablet adoption is occurring at an even faster pace than the historic rates set by peer devices such as cell-phones / smartphones, computers, mp3 players, game consoles, and DVD players. Adoption is also underway across a wide variety of sectors, including in the consumer, retail, industrial, healthcare, education, business, and military markets. Further market expansion will occur as other sectors become familiar with the solutions, power, and functionality offered by Tablet computers.

In a short period of time, the Tablet market has spawned a robust industry and ecosystem with an aggressive growth outlook. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), component suppliers, software developers, service providers, and IP & content owners are profiting from the growth of the Tablet space. The market is only in its infancy, and new opportunities and competitive advantages will abound as the space continues to develop.

A new report by Research and Markets details such opportunities and provides market forecasts, sizes, and growth rates. Overall, Infinite Research expects that 147.2 million Tablet computers will ship in 2015, up from 16.1 million units in 2010.

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