The iPad-only newspaper, The Daily will be launched today



The Daily, the first news “publication” created expressly for Apple Inc.’s hot-selling iPad tablets is due to be unveiled today with it a bold bet that consumers are willing to pay for news and information via the Internet that they have long expected to get for free.

Although The Daily has a Web site, the focus is most definitely on the app. The site will have just a small sampling of content included in the app, but probably less than 10 percent.

Theoretically, The Daily will probably feel pretty similar to a traditional newspaper. The publication will have audio and video features, and it has also been reported that it would include 3D video. It will have six sections of original content delivered once daily. It will even have a crossword. The Daily will be delivered every day on the iPad .

However, one striking difference, as well as the component that was said to delay the launch of The Daily, is that readers will be able to subscribe for $0.99 a week.

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