Forrey & Galland’s mesmerizing ”Chocolate Sweet Hearts”


This Valentine’s Day present a romantic mouth melting pleasure to your special someone with personally created haute couture French chocolates introduced in an exclusive Valentine’s Day 2011 collection by an award winning chocolatier – Forrey & Galland.

The assortment of treats represent sweet hearts made in milk, white and dark chocolate filled with tender flavours of Rose, Passion Fruit and hazelnut praline, or pamper your valentine with a chocolate Vanilla Sablet in four different lovable colours of pink, white, milk and dark chocolate, these flavourful delicate range promises to make the most quintessential gift on the special occasion of expressing love.

Passionately crafted very scrumptious bites of fine chocolate with its unique fillings comes in different sizes of beautiful boxes that are exceptionally made in valentine’s colours of Elegant Grey, Romantic Pink, Shocking Fuchsia and Glittering Silver adorned in satiny white and pink lace bow, all set to make-up for one of the most self-indulging gift ever.

Forrey & Galland also features an endless variety of creatively flavoured chocolates, marzipans, nougats and cookies. The boutique is located at Dubai Mall (Lower Ground Level).


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