RTA launches District Taxi and exempts Taxis from Salik Fees in celebration of the UAE National Day


Marking the celebrations of the 37th UAE National Day, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced its decision to exempt all taxis from the toll fees (Salik) starting the 2nd of December 2008, and to launch District Taxi initiative where 200 taxis to be deployed for this service.

Exempting taxis of Dubai Taxi Agency and franchise companies from Salik charges contributes to upgrading the level of taxi service. This will improve the smooth, quick and excellent conduct of transactions to serve the largest possible number of clients, be it citizens, residents, visitors or tourists in a way compatible with the high standing of Dubai as a premier business and economic hub in the region.

Dubai Taxi Agency conducted comprehensive field studies that concluded  with launching of initiative featuring allocation of 200 taxis of Dubai Taxi Agency to be deployed at a number of areas in the emirate including Satwa, Hudaiba, Jafliah, Mankhool, Karama, Rifaah, Umm Harir, Khubaib, Hamriya, Riqqa, Al-Nasr, Muraqqabat, Abu Hail, Hor Al-Anz, and Port Saeed.

The vehicles can lift passengers outside the boundaries of these districts, such as Jebel Ali. However, the cabdriver may not lift passengers from Jebel Ali to other places in the emirate i.e. the driver has to drive in the back trip in the emirate without having passengers on board.

Taxis designated as District Taxi will have distinctive markings in the form of a surrounding belt displaying the names of areas covered by the service along with a logo in the form of a map showing the boundaries of areas covered, with the official logo of Dubai Taxi Agency inside the map.


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