Shoppers Make The Most of 3 Day Super Sale


As the highly anticipated 3 Day Super Sale kicks off, shoppers have been sharing their top purchases and experiences from the shopping extravaganza. With over 500 brands offering up to 90 per cent across more than 2,000 outlets, shopping malls in Dubai are expecting high footfall this weekend with tourists and residents making the most of the sale.

Gihan, 43, Egypt, said: “The sale came at the perfect time, as I have a lot I need to shop for today! I made sure to arrive before the mall even opened so I have a full day of shopping ahead of me and ensure I get the best bargains ahead of the big weekend rush.”

Caroline, 37, British, said: “I have an event coming up and I am in desperate need for a new dress, and because of the sale I can get it for cheaper than usual! I might even get a second one ahead of the festive season. I’m going to head straight to Debenhams now, which is my go-to for a special occasion.”

Jamiel, 53, British, said: “Stores have barely opened and I’ve already found a great deal! I’m actually here as I really want to treat my wife with some new clothes, and with the sale going on I can get her even more things. She loves H&M. Happy wife, happy life!”

Nariman, 21, Egypt, said: “There are sales all over the mall, it is incredible! I bought a new watch from G Shock which I am very happy with.”

Roselle, 21, India, said: “It’s my first time visiting Dubai, and one of the things I’ve been most excited to do here is go shopping at the mall. When I found out there was a big sale on I was so happy! The malls have so much choice and so many shops, I’m probably going to be here all day! I want to get some new clothes and get a body spray from Victoria’s Secret, it’s my favourite!”

Chang, 31, Nepal, said: “I always shop during the sales in Dubai, and I know I have saved so much throughout the year. I love sports so my main priority during the sales is to get some new sports gear. My favourite brands like Nike and Adidas are taking part, which is just amazing. Hopefully I’ll find some good bargains today that will keep me going until Dubai Shopping Festival starts.’’

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