Aggressive Invasion: New Alexa Skills Set to Monopolize Amazoners Lives



Local Voice Control

When there’s an internet outage, or if you’re in an area with unreliable internet connection, Local Voice Control allows you to still use your voice to control lights, plugs, and switches that are connected to an Echo device with a built-in smart home hub, such as the all-new Echo Plus or all-new Echo Show.

Video Doorbell

In the coming weeks, Echo Show devices will have a 2-way talk feature that works with Ring and August doorbell cameras. When the doorbell rings or motion is detected by the security camera, just say “Alexa, answer the front door” to see and talk to whoever is there without having to open the door. Additionally, Alexa will be able to play a chime and make an announcement when someone rings your Ring and August doorbell cameras. You can also use Alexa Routines to play custom announcements when the front door camera detects movement or someone rings the doorbell.

Alexa Makes Your Life More Convenient

New Alexa Routines

Customize your daily routine more than ever before through adding location-based Alexa Routines that trigger when you leave or arrive at home or work. Plus add timed delays in between Alexa Routine actions; add time-limited music—great for white noise or sleep sounds; and add temperature and motion based Alexa Routines that trigger when the temperature in a room is too high or too low, or when motion is detected.

Location-Based Reminders

You can set reminders to trigger when you leave or arrive at home or work. Simply say, “Alexa, remind me to take the chicken out when I get home,” and when you arrive, Alexa will automatically speak the reminder and send a notification to your phone.

Cook with Alexa

Cooking with Alexa makes Echo devices even more useful in the kitchen. Simply ask Alexa for step-by-step cooking instructions from Kitchen Stories, Allrecipes, Epicurious, Food52, TheKitchn, and SideChef. Say “Alexa, let’s start cooking,” and Alexa will walk you step-by-step through your favorite recipe.

Multi-step Requests

Ask Alexa to do multiple things at once within one request. For example, add several items to your shopping list by saying “Alexa, add bananas, paper towels, and cat food to my shopping list;” or turn the Echo volume up and start a playlist by saying, “Alexa, play Pandora at volume 8.”

Email Integration

If you need to manage your personal inbox but aren’t able to sit with your computer or smartphone, all you need to do is ask Alexa to check and reply to email through Gmail,, and Simply link your email in your Alexa app and say, “Alexa, do I have emails from Sarah?”

Whisper Mode

Gone are the days of waking up your spouse or partner to ask Alexa for the weather in the morning or turn your alarm off. Whisper Mode is a new feature that allows you to whisper to Alexa, and she will whisper her response back to you.

Even More Calling Options

Skype voice and video calling with Alexa will allow customers to connect with the hundreds of millions of people using Skype around the world. Just say, “Alexa, call Jimmy on Skype” to quickly connect with Jimmy anywhere he uses Skype.


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