Best Black Friday Deal: Most Popular Instant Camera


Think polaroid but better, if you are born in the 70s. These days, the most popular instant camera is Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and now costs $54. It is available in a few candy colors and it is the No 1 on Amazon’s Bestsellers List.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera allows you to capture instantly joyful moments with friends and experiences you don’t want to forget. The camera makes great photos with vivid, brisk and soft colors. And moreover, your pictures are being printed in the moment. Just smile, shoot and print. 

With its new slimmer and lighter body, the camera is easy to take everywhere you go. A new flash LED signals the recommended aperture setting, so that your photos seem brighter and more colorful. By using a new high-key mode you can make your pictures brighter and the same time seem softer, undoubtedly perfect quality. Greater clarity and visibility are achieved with the new improved viewfinder.

Just shoot, print and enjoy. The camera is a great Christmas gift, very suitable for young tourists and for selfie lovers, too, as they can bring it wherever they go. They may make a nice selfie whenever they feel pretty and cool. When they feel bored, selfie is here to boost the mood.

Everyone likes to travel, to visit all the fancy places in the world. To collect memories. We know holidays end quickly, so the only way to memorize them is to make a lot of nice pictures that will remind us the best times of our live. We may surprise our grandparents who live far away and undoubtedly a picture of us will make the best Christmas gift.


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