3rd Biggest OPEC Producer Cuts Fuel Subsidy as Oil Price Crash Weighs


The United Arab Emirates, the third-biggest OPEC producer, will link gasoline and diesel prices to global oil markets starting 1st of August. It will become the first country in the oil-rich region to remove transport fuel subsidies.

Fuel prices will be deregulated as of the beginning of the next month, the Ministry of Energy said in a statement on Wednesday. Diesel prices will also be linked to global markets, and are initially expected to decline.

Gasoline is now subsidized in the U.A.E., the second-biggest Arab economy and home to about 6 percent of the world’s oil reserves. Unleaded gasoline 98 octane in the U.A.E. sells for 1.83 dirhams (50 cents) a liter, according to prices on the ministry’s website. The U.S. price of premium unleaded gasoline is $3.18 a gallon, or 84 cents a liter, according to AAA, the biggest U.S. auto group. That compares with 16 cents in Saudi Arabia, the largest OPEC producer.

Manufacturing and industry which is highly energy intensive will need to adjust. People will now have to think twice before buying gas guzzling cars.


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