Behind the Scenes of Furious 7 Abu Dhabi Production



The premiere of the newest Fast and Furious movie is quickly approaching. Just days before the film arrives in theatres all over the world, a special featurette clip was posted online that gives an interested insight into the production process of Furious 7 in Abu Dhabi.

The short video offers interesting behind-the-scenes facts and gives information about the Abu Dhabi locations used in the movie. In addition to that, it contains interviews with stars Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez, as well as with the director of the production James Wan. Here are some curious facts about the film that will warm you up for its upcoming premiere:

Furious 7 is the most international film from the franchise. Apart from being shot in Abu Dhabi, the movie also includes scenes in Tokyo and California. In comparison, Fast Five was set in Brazil, while Fast and Furious 6 – in London.

The seventh installment of Fast and Furious was shoot across some of Abu Dhabi’s most iconic locations. Among them are Emirates Palace, Jumeriah Etihad Towers and Al Ain city.
Furious 7’s production theme also considered to add Dubai to list of filming locations.

The global premiere of the movie was scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi. However, it was cancelled just days before it because Vin Diesel wanted to be present during the birth of his third child in Los Angeles.

Etihad Airways, United Arab Emirates’ national carrier, laucnehd a special luxury Fast and Furious airliner. The plane has a Furious 7 logo and it will fly between Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles.

Actors Tyrese Gibson had a lot of fun exploring Abu Dhabi. In the emirate, Gibson saw camels for the first time and he even rode the residential camel of the Emirates Palace. Tyrese, who has one Grammy nomination, also recorded a song with local talent Mehad Hamad during his stay in Abu Dhabi.
The scenes in Abu Dhabi were shot in the spring, when temperatures in the emirate often reach 40°C or more during the day. As a result, the cast had to be constantly sprayed with sunscreen and kept under umbrellas between takes.

Over the last few years, Abu Dhabi has become a particularly popular film production destination. Apart from Furious 7, other films that were shot in the emirate include Star Wars Episode VII, The Kingdom starring Jamie Fox and Jennifer Gartner, The Bold and the Beautiful and many more. That is because productions enjoy various incentives when shooting in the emirate. The Abu Dhabi Film Commission offers 30% cash rebate on production spend, diverse range of unique locations, professional crew and supplier bases, no sales tax, as well as world-class studios and post-production facilities.

Fast and Furious is one of the top-grossing film franchises in history. The latest installment of the production, Furious 7, is set to arrive in cinemas all over the world in April 2015.


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