MENA’s First Streaming Service – Unlimited Movies & TV Shows on Your Phone



It’s always frustrating when you just can’t make it to home in time for your favorite TV show, right? And the best movies often start too late at night on the TV. But now there’s a great solution for those in the UAE – unlimited streaming of movies & TV shows on your mobile device. That’s right, you can watch even top Bollywood and Arabic shows on your phone, tablet, computer and gaming console or Smart TV.


There are different cable and satellite TV options available in the UAE, but they all let you watch TV only on your TV, and let’s be honest, some of them are just too expensive and even useless. And who has the time to sit in front of the TV every day? Icflix, the MENA’s first streaming service is a cheaper alternative to the old cable and satellite TV, but in fact, its lower price (AED 29 per month) isn’t its best asset. What’s even more exciting is that icflix, which is collaborating with Du, offers you to watch movies, TV shows, cartoons and documentaries on your mobile! That’s right, what was in the past totally impossible, is now a reality – unlimited movie content on our TVs, tablets, and most importantly, on our phones.

So, what exactly is icflix? It’s the first unlimited streaming platform for not only Hollywood movies, but also Bollywood movies and TV series, and Arabic content in the MENA region Jazwood. It also streams documentaries, cartoons, and a wide selection of movies on demand.

Forget about the irritating ads that last for like…forever; and forget about boring TV programs and sports shows that no one seems to like anyway…with icflix you’re just a click away from watching everything you want, anytime you want and everywhere you want. From drama and romantic series, to action movies and comedies, to even reality shows, historical documentaries and classic oldies – they all arrive instantly on your phone.

Subscribing for the new streaming service is a piece of cake – icflix is collaborating with du, so you can sign up directly from your phone. You don’t need a credit card or to do some extra payments as the subscription fee is charged to your monthly mobile bill or your pre-paid credit from du. The fee is only AED 29 per month, which is cheaper than any other cable or satellite TV subscription and to make the deal even better, the first month of the subscription is absolutely free of charge if you sign up through your du mobile Direct Operator Billing. So, you can subscribe now for free, try the service for month and see if it’s for you.

In case you don’t like it, you won’t pay for the next month and you’re free to choose something else. Oh, wait a minute – there isn’t another video streaming service that offers Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabic content in one place. Not in Dubai, or in the UAE as a whole.

The icflix subscription gives you instant access to a wide selection of movies and TV shows, including hundreds of titles in English, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Marathi languages. You can also choose subtitles for whatever you are watching in either English, Arabic or French. So, the service is perfect for all locals, western, Arabic and Indian expatriates alike. And one of the best things about it is that you can watch your favorite programs wherever you go.

Even if you decide to travel, you can access the service from any corner of the world* as long as you are connected to the Internet. And this is probably the best way to entertain your kid while on a long, boring flight – there’s a section with dedicated children’s movies, shows and cartoons that will keep the kids busy for hours. There’s also a social media feature, which allows you to comment or rate different movies.

Besides the large selection of titles (hundreds in every category and constantly rising), icflix offers simplicity, high-definition content, and convenience. Today, when we are constantly connected and on the move, personalized, mobile TV viewing experience is just a necessary part of our lives. That’s why streaming services are bigger than ever. Try icflix for free now, but hurry up, because their special launch offer will be here just for a limited time.

*Hollywood is available in the MENA region. Jazwood is available worldwide and Bollywood if available worldwide except India.

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