iPhone 6, iWatch, Smart Home, iOS 8 – What to Expect at Apple’s 2014 WWDC


We are only hours away from Apple’s 2014 World Wide Developers Conference beginning. The tech giant is expected to showcase as usual its latest highly anticipated products and services. That is why both consumers and technology experts are eager to find out what Apple will have in store for them this year. Many rumours concerning WWDC 2014 have been circulating on the web over the last few days – some more likely, others quite improbable. Still, with a company like Apple you never know what their next move is going be. Therefore, we are offering you a roundup of some interesting products which may find their way to WWDC this year.

iPhone 6

As soon as Apple announced a new event, people start speculating that the company is planning to launch a new iPhone. The goes for the 2014 World Wide Developers Conference. Well, you may be disappointed here, because that the chances of getting even a glimpse of iPhone 6 so early are more than slim. Not long ago, a new web leak claimed that Apple will show off a silver iPhone on WWDC. However, this information was quickly debunked, as well as all the rumours of a summer iPhone 6 launch. Apple is likely to stick to its good old schedule. Despite that, you should prepare not for one, but for two iPhones this autumn. Various insiders state that the technology company is working on two iPhones. The first of them is expected to arrive with a 4.7” screen, while the second will rock a massive 5.5”.

New iPad

Sorry, but we will have to disappoint you on this one too. It is very early for Apple to roll out a new iPad mini or an updated iPad Air. Nevertheless, the company may unveil a new iPad feature, which will enable the tablet to run two apps simultaneously side by side.

iOS 8

Time for the more exciting and good news! It is almost certain that Apple will introduce its new-generation mobile operating system iOS 8 at WWDC 2014. This means that iPhone and iPad fans will get a sneak peak on some of the new functions of the two smart devices. Among them are said to be a number of health-focuses features for health tracking which will be all fitted in a neat app. In addition, the latest iOS is predicted to offer more multitasking capabilities than ever. As it was mentioned earlier, it may support screen-splitting and the simultaneous use of two applications. However, initially, this feature may be available only on select iPad models. Still, Apple’s mobile operating system may not shine with a new design. Instead, it is said to focus more on new features.

Mac OS X 10.10

Another almost certain thing to happen on WWDC is the unveiling of Mac OS X 10.10. Various leaks suggest that Apple’s upcoming desktop operating system will be called Yosemite. In comparison to iOS 8, however, it is rumoured to arrive with a new look. In fact, its design may be completely different from what you have seen and it may even resemble iOS 7.


Over the last few months, one of the hottest Apple rumours was the iWatch. After many of the company’s rivals have introduces smart wearables on the market, it seem that the U.S. giant has no other choice but to join the trend. Surely, that will happen soon, but WWDC may not be the place or the time for that. The main thing that backs up this scenario is that the leaks on this almost mythical product tend to be really inconsistent. On the other side, a health app almost always goes hand in hand with a wearable gadget… almost.

Smart Home

The latest Apple speculation surfaced just days ago and it pointed that the company will introduce a series of smart home applications for iPhone and iPad. However, the giant was also said to be still searching for partners with which to join forces on this project. Therefore, if Apple chooses to share something about its smart home, it will probably revolve more around ideas and hope and not around ready software.

Apple TV

Again, don’t get too excited on this one either. Even if there is any Apple TV news, they are more likely to do with a minor update or with a new partnership announcement. The company is rumoured to start working with Comcast and Time Warner in an attempt t offer Apple TV consumers more diverse and interesting content.

New MacBook and Cheaper iMac

A new MacBook should not be excluded from the list of possible WWDC product launches. After all, there is still not MacBook Air with a Retina or a touch screen display. There are also speculations suggesting that Apple will also unveil a range of more affordable iMacs. Well, maybe only one of these two things will end up being true. Still, you can expect to see some new hardware from Apple at its conference this week.
It will be great if WWDC 2014 packs all of these product releases. However, remember that rumours are often just that – rumours. In addition, Apple has a reputation of being mysterious. So surprises are never excluded.


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