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There are tens of brands and types of laundry detergents on the market, which makes it impossible to choose one. And while most housewives in Dubai and the UAE are still using washing powder, in many parts of the world, liquid detergents are kings – they are effective, easy-to-use and contain fewer chemicals than the old-fashioned powders. For the Middle Eastern market, the best solution is Persil, so get rid of the last century products and switch to Henkel and their innovations.

Housewives in the UAE have been using powder detergents for decades and most of these products have remained the same since the 1990s. However, liquid detergents are more effective for cleaning greasy, oily stains and particularly dirty laundry. They are also easier to use and easily dissolve even into cold water. In addition, they contain fewer chemicals than the powdered products, which make them more eco-friendly and less likely to cause an allergic reaction. But 15 years ago, P&G and their popular powdered detergents were dominating the GCC market and it was nearly impossible to find a liquid one. Until Henkel introduced their Persil Abaya Shampoo, a washing liquid specifically designed for black clothing.

Henkel products and Persil, in particular, are not a new phenomenon for the GCC customer. Persil was available on the market back in 2000 when the company entered the region with their flagship detergent. Seven years later, their Persil Abaya Shampoo was a real innovation – Persil Black was effective, while at the same time, it was light on the fabric and clothing wasn’t fading. By 2009, the product had a 24% market share of the liquids segment – a success driving expansion. In 2010, Henkel introduced Persil White, the brand’s first heavy-duty liquid detergent, specifically catering to white laundry. A year later, the universal washing liquid Persil Gel was already available to the GCC customer.

Today, more and more housewives know that liquid detergent is the modern, more effective and better way of washing. In 2013, liquids made 6% of the total GCC market for laundry detergents. The company’s success is not due to the popularity of Persil – they acquired and now manufacture the oldest local brand disinfectant, DAC disinfectant. Besides maintaining its high quality and reasonable price, DAC introduced its latest innovation in early 2013, Disinfectant Plus which is an extremely potent combination of disinfectant and antiseptic.

These are just a portion of the company’s innovations, which has changed the local market. Today, the GCC customer is looking for smarter, eco-friendlier, and affordable products and Henkel is one of the few brands that deliver all the latest industry creations directly to the supermarket shelves. Sure, there are other cheaper products, but unfortunately, usually the low price is an indication of low quality, too. The best way to ensure clean, perfumed laundry and to avoid skin irritation, itching or a rash is choosing the best liquid detergent on the local market right now, Henkel’s Persil.


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