Mother’s Day Gifts Handpicked by Apple Store


gift boxes 1Mother’s Day is not that far from now. As a matter of fact, many of the countries of the ex-socialist bloc celebrate 8th of March – the International Women’s Day as Mother’s Day. Some people are already considering different gift ideas and some would probably wait until the very last moment. Gift cards can save any occasion! However, it is always best if you start to plan your Mother’s Day gifts early. That will allow you to come up with a better surprise for the person you should love the most.

Nevertheless, if you have a hard time deciding what could put a smile on your mother’s face, then you should rely on some of UAE’s Apple Store suggestions. The online store has come up with a list of present ideas for the holiday that can make any mum happy.

Among the suggestions are two of Apple’s latest tablets – iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. iPad mini with Retina display starts at AED 1499, while its bigger bother, iPad Air, comes with a starting price of AED 1899. Also, the Apple Store now gives its consumers the chance the personalize their Mother’s Day by adding a custom engraving to the iPad they order. Which mum would not love that!

For mums that already have an iPad, Apple suggests one of Michael Kors’ clutch iPad mini bags. They are so stylish that they do not even resemble the average tablet bags. Warning: your mum might want to take this gift everywhere with her, even at a cocktail party!

For mothers who know a good tune when they hear it, the Apple Store has prepared ViewQuest Hepburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It will keep your mum company when she is at home cooking or simply relaxing. If you and your mum are not fans of the same music genre or era, you might prefer to get her the latest Beats by Dr. Dre urBeats in-ear headphones. They offer clear sound, durability, stylish design, as well as built-in microphone that will allow your mother to use them as handsfree earphones.

For those, who are aiming at a more modest price tag, Apple has prepared a number of colourful yet classy iPhone cases. Among them is also mophie Juice Pack Helium battery case, which is the very first rechargeable battery case for iPhone 5S. With it, your mum will be able to extend the battery life of her phone by 80%. It is a really suitable and practical travel accessory. Moreover, this innovative case is ultrathin and it is offered in an array of colours.

For all orders over AED 520, UAE’s Apple Store provides free shopping. In addition, the store warns that consumers who want to receive their products by Mother’s Day (21 March), need to make their order by 17 March. So, the sooner the better!


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