A Few Unbeatable Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men



Hugh-Jackman_FedoraKnown as the official day of love, Valentine’s Day is a time for exchanging love notes, giving gifts, and spending time with our loved ones. But isn’t great to think of every single day as a day for love? Instead of giving chocolates and teddy bears to the guys, why don’t you come up with a something more special this year? With our Valentine’s day gift ideas for men, you can make this holiday a truly memorable and unique experience for both of you.


Generally, men love all kinds of tech gadgets, so you can’t go wrong with this. However, you’ve already spent a lot of money on his Christmas present, so now it’s time for something more affordable. Think of what he would really enjoy – a new digital camera, a handheld organizer, a DVD box set containing his favourite movies, or a video game for his new gaming console. The options here are endless. You can easily get all these online from Amazon.com or check the accessories offered at the Microsoft Store.

A Classy Watch

This is one of the few fashion items guys will really appreciate. Fashionable men’s watches show their style and bring classy, chic appearance to every man, without being too elegant or pretty. Choose a mid-cost branded timepiece or a luxury one, in case you can afford it. This will be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, as it is too ordinary for Christmas, and yet really attractive and special. Of course, sports watches are also a good alternative, if your boyfriend or husband prefers more athletic accessories and sports clothing. Generally, getting the watch from a store will cost you more than if you buy it online, so check retailing websites. While at Amazon you will find a huge variety, the outlet 6pm.com sells discounted branded and designer watches.

A Weekend at the Spa

This may sound strange, but in fact, men like pampering and massages at the spa, too. He won’t go by himself, so you can book a weekend for two. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, which is great opportunity for a two-night escape in some beautiful, romantic place such as the spa center. Just imagine how great it will be to spend a relaxing, care-free weekend away from the everyday routine! Just the two of you! You can find and book your experience at various types of spas and services at website SpaFinder.com which will help you find local or more distant spas, resorts, hotels, yoga centers, golf or fitness spas, and so on. It also offers promotions and discounts, as well as special vacations for couples or newly-weds.

Magazine Subscription

Get him a subscription for his favourite magazines like Fortune and Sports Illustrated. Right now, you can get 90% off the price of some of the most popular titles at retailer Amazon. Whether he prefers printed magazines, or he’s a tablet fan, you will find discounted subscriptions on technology, men’s interest, sports or fitness magazines.

Gift Card

While gift cards are not the best Valentine’s gift for the ladies, as they can be too impersonal sometimes, men will be delighted. Choose a gift card for a specialized store, instead of giving him a card for a women’s boutique that he will never use. A great option is electronic gift cards, which you can email or send to a Facebook mailbox. You can buy them at larger retailers like Amazon, or outlets like 6pm.com.

Of course, you can also get him a box chocolates or a heart-shaped, stuffed toy, but he won’t be impressed much. Valentine’s Day gifts for men such as socks and T-shirts are also out of the question. Experiences are much more appreciated, so instead of waiting him to reserve a table at a restaurant, take him to a picnic or plan a short trip, you’ve always dreamed to have together.

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