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Dubai International Garden Competition transforming Dubai from a desert hub to a spectacular wonderland

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In a sign of the overwhelming level of interest in the first annual Dubai International Garden Competition (DIGC), a higher-than-expected number of garden designs has been received before the submission deadline of February 16th. The competition is held under the patronage of Dubai Municipality, with strategic sponsorship from Dubai Tourism & Commerce and support from the venue sponsorship partner Emaar. The first edition of the region’s most anticipated garden showcase will take place from April 3rd to 6th in ‘The Venue,’ on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, developed by Emaar Properties.

Internationally renowned landscape designers, architects, artists and property developers have been attracted by several factors, such as Dubai’s growing status as a lucrative property investment destination, and the irresistible challenge of overcoming Dubai’s arid desert land and skyrocketing temperatures throughout-of-the-box ingenuity.

The competition is the brainchild of Purelife Events, Exhibitions & Conferences, who’s CEO, Nasser Khan commented: “We passionately believe that when it comes to landscaping masterpieces, Dubai should not be limited by its climate or location, as our population and our business sector is a fertile ground for cultivating breathtaking creativity and dazzling technological innovations.”

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He went on to explain: “DIGC strives to ‘cross pollinate’ the best international practices into Dubai’s market, by attracting premier botanists, architects, landscapers and other experts from North America, Europe, Australasia and the rest of the world to inspire Dubai through knowledge transfer, investments and ‘green retail’ opportunities. As our reputation blossoms, we expect our competition to become the pride of the Middle East.”

Besides the aesthetic beauty and massive environmental benefits of gardens, developers in Dubai’s resurgent property market are keenly aware that gardening creations can significantly boost a property’s value. Real estate agents now use the term “curb appeal” to signify the beauty a property’s exterior, which adds resell value in the same way interior refurbishments do. According to the co-owner and president of a renowned gardening nursery, advanced landscaping also enhances privacy and minimizes street noise. Another avid landscaper adds that gardening as an art form can inspire home owners and developers to create “their own piece of paradise.”

Nadeem Abbas, Sales Director of Purelife added: “Dubai prides itself in pioneering first-of-a-kind innovations – be it architectural, environmental, and technological – or in our case, all three in one. We now live in a concrete jungle of high rise buildings, and we are encouraging a greater appreciation of the ‘Green City’ way of life.”

In addition to artistic excellence, the competition judges will also consider factors such as eco-friendliness, technical and scientific ingenuity. Leading engineers and scientists will join landscapers and other professionals in vying for the prestigious Gold Award.

Interested landscaping organizations, businesses, community groups, architects and other participants can register or find more information on

About Dubai International Garden Competition (DIGC)

Dubai International Garden Competition (DIGC) is the UAE’s first landscaping competition that has been specially created to showcase the beauty of Dubai’s gardening masterpieces to the region and the wider world. It brings together the world’s best landscapers, architects, designers, botanists, engineers, scientists, real estate experts and other professionals. The first edition will take place from 3rd – 6th April 2014 in ‘The Venue,’ along Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, adjacent to Burj Khalifa. The competition is facilitated by Purelife Events, Conferences & Exhibitions, under the patronage of Dubai Municipality.


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