Air travel evolvence in 2014 – Pay more for less



Changes in the air travel industry always affect the way we fly, influence our travelling experience and the price of airfares? Some airlines are now focusing more on the customer’s service and adding new inflight amenities, which is certainly a good news. So, can we expect better flying in the near future? In this article, we will highlight ten ways air travel will change in 2014.

Improved Security

Although many passengers are still unfamiliar with the so-called E-gate pass and how to get one, its popularity is increasing. So, very soon, we can forget about long security lines where we have to take out our laptop and take off our shoes. You just need to apply and pay a fee and then everything should go smoothly.

Higher Fees and Taxes

The price of your airfare is a sum of many different taxes. Various airlines introduce various fees and additional airport taxes. The one common thing about all is that fees are going higher.

More Wi-Fi Access

While once we couldn’t imagine of browsing the web on a plane, today Wi-Fi onboard is more popular than ever. In fact, soon we will see airlines offering the exact same experience we get on the ground – we’ll not only check our e-mails, but also watch videos and even download photos and larger files.

Smaller Seats

Smaller space for the passenger means more money for the airline, as it could stick more seats into one plane. Some companies have already introduced “slimline” seats in economy class, a short-haul standard, which is now brought to the long-haul flying. Indeed, airline seats are really getting smaller. Budget airlines even charge more for comfortable seats than for economy. Being thin certainly has advantages.

Costlier Business Class Gets Better

While regular travelers in economy class are suffering shrinking seats, the business and the first classes are getting even more luxurious. Some airlines are already launching a three-class service that offers fully flat sleeper seats, while the Emirates-affiliate JetBlue is introducing a premium cabin .

Low-cost Airlines to Europe

Until a few years ago, you could not find a budget flight to Europe. However, some new airlines are now launching even low-cost transatlantic flights, thanks to the use of fuel-efficient planes.

Travelers In Charge of Bag Tagging

Many airlines are allowing travelers to make and print their own bag tags at home, which saves time at the airport.

More Fees

Flight prices are going higher with even more fees and increased taxes. Some airlines even offer additional services and products, so that the passengers would pay more. However, budget airlines may prevent prices from going higher and higher up to some extent.

Inflight Phone Calls

Inflight phone calls are already popular in some countries. But many frequent travelers seem unhappy about the idea of having to endure the additional noise onboard.

Cheaper Private Jets

Private jets have always been a privilege for those who could afford to pay a lot. But new, ultra-light jets are coming and soon, we will be able to fly on a private jet for a little more than we pay for first class. There are also travel companies that offer splitting the cost to several passengers who fly to the same destination. These low-cost private jets won’t be a match to luxury planes with all their amenities, services and extras, but they will be indeed a great option for business travel.


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