Last-Minute Christmas Decorations



Many people have already decorated their homes for Christmas, but if you had no time for this until now, don’t panic – you can still adorn with few little, quick and easy last-minute Christmas decorations. Or there are corners of the house that look too simple and bare? You can add a touch of holiday spirit here and there, so that your home seems merry and bright!

Mailbox – How often do you decorate the mailbox? If the simple red bow doesn’t feel festive enough, check the garden for something you can use for decoration – evergreens, berries, and so on. Start with making wire cage or use florist foam for a basis. Then, add evergreen branches, leaves, red berries and a few red bows. And if you have Elaeagnus, it’s your best decoration – its silvery leaves look as if they are frosted and perfect for the holiday.

Mantel – Many people hang the stockings by the fireplace, while the mantel often remains bare. You can take out all your candlesticks and arrange them on top of the mantel. Use bright red candles for a more festive look. You can add berries, pinecones and some greenery, or instead of candles, you can put some Christmas tree ornaments atop the assorted candlesticks.

Table Centerpieces – You have freedom here. Fill a bowl with shiny silvery ornaments and put white and ivory candles. You can also use pinecones – paint spray them silver, and fill the bowl with evergreens. You can also fill a bowl with water (scented) and add candles, ornaments, beads, pinecones, and so on.

Lights – Decorate pendant lights in the kitchen with colourful garland. If don’t have any leftover garlands, put evergreen branches – they need to be light!

Try to use Christmas decorations that match your home décor. Otherwise it will look strange and out-of-place. However, most rooms will endure white or red decorations, so if you have some last-year stuff, don’t be afraid to display it. Use all glittering ornaments in various combinations and themes. Don’t forget that your imagination is your best friend even when it comes to last-minute Christmas decorations!


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