How to Unplug During the Holidays



Even though technology offers many great pastime activities, it can be addictive. You may not realize it, but you probably commit at least one of the following crimes: checking your email on your smartphone during dinner, spending hours playing games instead of meeting your friends, not visiting your cousins because you chat all the time online. As you can see, modern devices can hinder real-life communication. And that should never happen at Christmas – the family holiday of the year. That is why, unplugging can be a great thing to do.

However, this is easier said that being done. If you are used to technology, the Internet and apps, this may seem like a huge challenge. Still, there are a number of detox steps you can take on the road to your freedom.

Ask a good friend or a family member to change all your passwords – This is guaranteed to keep you away at least from things like social networks, emails and messaging services. If you are not sure that this will help, than you should take a more radical measure – ask person you trust to change your computer or tablet password or unlocking combination. However, we warn you that you may suddenly feel the need to offer various bribes to the password holder.

Put your devices away – Yes, lock away the pieces of technology you find distracting. This can be harder for smartphones users, since they will not be able to take calls, for instance. Therefore, they may need to find a good old feature cell phone, which does not have Wi-Fi and apps. Sometimes simple is better!

Fight fire with fire – Technology is so advanced that it can even limit the use of technology. Sounds odd but it is true. There are various mobile apps with which you can lock the applications on your mobile gadgets. Also, there are computer programs which can limit your access to some features on your device.

Delete – If all of the above measures are not able to stop you using technology, you may need to delete a few things. For example, die-hard social media users can delete their social media apps. If you love to spend your time surfing the web, delete your browser. Yes, these things can be easily downloaded again, but they will work with those who have stronger will.

Go where there is no web connection – A big part of technology entertainment requires internet access. This means that you can quickly get bored of your smartphone or computer, if you do not have Internet access. To avoid the temptation to connect to the web, you can go to a rural spot where there is no Wi-Fi or to a special unplugged hotel or resort.

Do your best to pay more attention to your friends and family this Christmas, as well as to spend more time with them. Unplugging from technology is one way to do that.


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