Trendy Baby Fashion for Winter 2013



We are already looking get our wardrobe updated with the latest trends for this winter. So, why don’t we style up our little ones with cute, fashion-forward baby clothing? Moms can easily coordinate their young toddlers’ or babies’ looks with their own, adding some classic baby cuteness to the current trends.

Brand and designer baby clothes this season focus on quality, with adult detailing and the basics for child fashion – soft care and comfort. As with teens’ fashion, baby clothing trends follow more or less adult trends seen on the runways. And what better way to look fabulous with your kid than dressing up in matching styles or colours? Our Fashion Guide will help you out finding the best looks for your baby or toddler for this winter. We have sourced looks from, and

For the Girls

This winter your little girl will be elegant in floral dresses in soft colours – grey, pink, emerald green, as well as in contrasting top and pants set. Grey is versatile, neutral and beautifully complements both bold, bright colours and soft pastels. Bright reds are also trending this season, so you can also add them to the baby outfit as cute hats, cardigans, shoes, or as a Christmas Day dress. Ruffles appear in dresses, as well as in tops, and even headpieces. Polka dots are also an absolute hit for girls’ fashion, so don’t underestimate them!

For the Boys

Boys will be cool in a classic outfit combining a plaid buttoned shirt in blue and khaki trousers for a casual, on-trend look. A white polo onesie will be a fresh twist of the traditional classic bodysuit. Earthy hues are in style, but in combination with playful prints and fun cartoon characters. Denim is the classic always in style, so you can match a pair of jeans with khaki or even military coloured pants. Reds, pinks, and grey are becoming unisex and fashionable this year, while blue comes in all hues.

Swaddie Blankets

One trend for babies (and their mommies, too) has popped up – swaddie blankets used since ancient times has started to replace diaper bags and strollers. They wrap the baby tightly and gently, giving them a sense of security.

Fun Prints and Patterns

When it comes to baby fashion, the most important thing after comfort and quality is certainly the fun, sunshine-filed look. The crazier the clothes are, the cutest your little treasure is! Choose playful details and prints – owls have been out for couple of years and continue to be popular during both autumn and winter. Of course, kids’ love for animals is seen on the designs – teddy bears, cats and dogs, dinosaurs, tigers, and so on.

It’s Christmas Time!

This is your baby’s first Christmas, so it’s a great occasion to pick some holiday-themed clothing. Reindeers are equally trendy and sweet for both girls and boys. Of course, outfits in bright red or green are also appropriate, especially with embellished with snowflakes, candy canes, dots, Santas, or even Christmas trees. Sparkling details, tulles, or sequin dresses will be a great choice and if you love tradition, choose a corduroy dress in black, red, green or combos, with ribbon at the waist and some ornament appliqués such as Rudolf, snowmen, or snowflakes.


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