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A few weeks ago, launched Fine Art – an online hot spot dedicated to art in all of its forms. Consumers, art enthusiasts and collectors can find a rich variety of paintings, photographs, drawings and prints of both legendary and rising artists. However, visitors of the website are faced with such a rich choice, that we have decided to give a helping hand. In this article, we will introduce you to some popular names in the field, as well as their personal artistic style. In addition, we will recommend a number of their works which are currently available on Amazon Fine Art.

The first artist with whom we are going to meet you is Andy Warhol. You may have heard this name on more than one occasion. This is very understandable, because Warhol has an interesting career. His expertise spreads from paintings, prints, illustrations and even to films. Warhol is one of the most influential names in pop art, thanks to his controversial prints and acrylic paintings of celebrities like Merilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Muhammad Ali. One of the most interesting facts about Andy Warhol is that he successfully managed to combine advertisement, popular culture and artistic expression in his works.

Currently, you can find over 40 art works of Warhol on Amazon Fine Art. Among them are also some of his famous celebrity acrylic paintings. Of course, they are one of Warhol’s priciest works. Warhol’s Merilyn Monroe painting, for example, will cost you nearly $125,000. If you are searching for something more affordable, maybe you should consider purchasing an angel lithography from the artist’s collection called “In the Botton of my Garden.” They deviate from Warhol’s traditional style, but are as memorable as his other works.

One even more bizarre artists than Andy Warhol is Damien Hirst. Some of his works can also be found on Amazon Fine Art. Apart from being Britain’s richest artist, Hirst is also a well-known artists and art collector. His works are not for everyone to enjoy and understand. Despite that, he had managed to receive a world-wide recognition. The central theme in many of his works is death. Through it, Hirts examines and challenges human existence. Also, one of his favourite styles include iconography and the use of various instruments. His etching printing “I Once Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am” is quite straightforward in its depiction of death. It is available for purchase on Amazon for $14,500. If death does not attract you, then Hirst’s so-called “spot paintings” may appeal more to you. Even though they are quite simplistic and include only rows of coloured circles they have become quite popular over the last few years. They come in various sizes, arrangements and prices.

Another artist you should definitely check out is Marc Chagall. Not only is he among the most prominent Jewish artists, but he is also a renowned early modernists. His works are not strange like those of the previous two artists we examined and are easier to understand by the general public and the inexperienced eye. In many of his paintings, Chagall has captured his Jewish roots, as well as landscapes and images from his childhood. “David and Bathsheba” is one of the exemplary works of the artist. It amazes with its technique and simplicity. “Circus Woman,” on the other hand is a parade of colour. Its vibrancy and texture result in a beautiful overall composition. The fact that it is hand signed by Marc Chagall himself makes it even more valuable. Both of these painting can be found on Amazon Fine Art.

Salvador Daliis a name that nearly everyone has heard. Dali’s works are classified as belonging to surrealism. Like the artist himself, they are quite eccentric and bizarre. A number of his works has to do with sexuality and sexual ambiguity. Such is the case with his drawing called “Masculin/Feminin.” Amazon Fine Art offers it with a certificate of authenticity from Peirre Argillet. Salvador Dali liked to incorporate various symbols in his works. A good example of that is amazing lithograph “Invisible Face on Arches Paper.” In it, through different images and symbols, Dali has presented the life of man. Amazon Fine Art has priced it at $1,950. The price includes the shipping cost. In addition, it is authenticated by Dali Archivist Alert Field. However, the most popular pieces of Dali are themed “Divine Comedy,” and many of them are also added to Amazon’s catalogue. Furthermore, the online retailers offers an signed example by the artist himself.

No matter whether you have a deep knowledge on art or merely an idea, you will definitely recognize the beauty of these works. They are diverse and interesting just like the artists who breathed life into them. Such artworks are only one of a kind and usually it takes a lot of time to be found and examined by collectors, but now Amazon Fine Art present the opportunity not only to view the pieces online, but actually to purchase it and have it delivered to your doorstep. This is a revolutionary step in the business of buying and selling of artworks of such caliber.


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