Did you register your SIM card?



Both UAE telcos, Etisalat and du, soon will completely cut outgoing services to subscribers who have not renewed their SIM card registration.

Mohammed Nasser Al Ghanim, Director General of the TRA, clarified that the suspension of service will be the inability of subscribers to make outgoing calls; but s/he can receive calls and SMSs.
Al Ghanim said that the total number of subscribers whose data was updated so far has more than nine million subscribers.

However, he added that more than one million subscribers were late for registration.

He added that the two operators – etisalat and du – are looking to re-register up to 7 million subscribers during the remaining stages of the campaign.

Al-Ghanim also urged etisalat and du to activate electronica registration and to increasing number of places where people can register.


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