How to Save on Summer Airfare



The best thing about the summer season is vacations. The worst thing about vacations is their price. Summer and vacations can be a dangerous combination for your wallet. Prices go high and that often results in low spirits. Airline tickets, in particular, can get really pricey during the busy summer travel season. However, with a few tricks and careful planning, you can save on summer airfare and hotel accommodation big time.

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Book Early

Turkish_Airlines_120X90.1The more you wait, the pricier flight tickets will get. The earlier you book your trip, the better. The perfect scenario will be to do that about five months in advance. Still there are many airlines that offer discounts a few days before the takeoff. Nevertheless, always avoid last-minute booking.

At present, flight tickets with the Turkish airline are still affordable and you can check it on the website:

Take Your Flight from an Airline Hub

An airline hub is a place where most of the flights of an airline depart. As a result, tickets there are often more affordable compared to those sold on other airports. So even if you have to travel a few kilometers to a bigger airport, it may save you some cash.

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The best place to fly from and in is the Dubai airport, where you can book with the Emirates airline, which by the way right now and until May 27th runs special promotion. You can check it on the website:

One Ticket at a Time

To save on summer airfare means making sacrifices. Sitting next to each other in the plane during the summer season is a luxury since it often cost more. Purchasing one ticket instead of two or three at once may cost you less with some companies. Therefore, make a research and see whether you can save money by booking tickets separately. This is not very recommendable option, but if you are traveling with a big family on a budget, it may work out.

Use the Services of Airline Consolidators

Airline consolidators are ticket resellers that have a partnership with big travel companies. The good thing about them is that they offer tickets for a lower price. Many travel agencies work with them. However, they don’t always offer the reduced prices to the end consumers. That is why you need to be extra careful when choosing an agency. Here is one such company Also you can find such options if you search on

Be More Flexible about Flight Dates

If you can, don’t set your mind or schedule on a specific date. Be as flexible as you can and pick unusual times for your trip. For example, book a flight in the beginning of the week or in the middle. Usually, they are cheaper than those during the weekend.

Avoid Connecting Flights

Deals on Flights to Disneyland®! Save Big - for a Limited Time Only. Book Now If your flight is not a direct one, then you will need to travel a bit longer. However, switching from one plane to another will only increase your holiday expenses. This often happens when you take flight from Dubai to Istanbul with FlyDubai and then board another carrier. Our advice is to use other means of transport, like a train or a bus. That will definitely take you more time, but it will also save you a lot of vacation money.

Vacations are pricey, but that you can easily save on summer airfare by following our advice. Even though, you may have to sacrifice a few things during your trip, you will be able to enjoy more comfort during your actual vacation.


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