Businesses Fighting Content Theft – Hard but not Impossible


Nearly every business today, big or small, has its own website or blog. These online platforms are useful for keeping your present clients informed about your services and products, as well as attracting new ones. However, website and blog owners all over the world are faced with a common problem – content theft. This is a type of plagiarism that includes the stealing of images, videos or text. Some content thieves even go so far that they steal the design of someone else’s blog or site. Fighting content thefts can be really hard and time-consuming. That is why the best way to fight the problem is by preventing it. This is an important rule that should be remembered by all businesses that run a website or a blog of some kind. Here are a few things you can do to prevent or reduce these content thefts:

Disable Image Downloads

This is one of the easiest things you can do. The most common method here is to simply disable visitors from right-clicking on the images you have published. To do that, you can use various scripts or plugins.

Add Copyright Notices

It may sound stupid to you, but copyright notices really do work with some content stealers. Just make sure to add a warning that the copying of your content will be persecuted under the copyrights laws. The stronger the warning the more effect it will have. Well, as it was already mentioned, this technique will not have an influence on all potential thieves. So don’t expect miracles here.

Offer Options for Content Embedding

Many webmasters and bloggers rely on this method since it has many advantages. First, it is really effective. Second, it links back to your website/blog and that leads to more traffic. Third, it is not an aggressive form of content theft prevention. That is a good thing since many stealers actually get more encouraged to snatch your content when you block them out. In order to apply this technique, you need to add link attribution to your site/blog. Simply copy and paste the script of the embedded image on a website for link attribution. That will enable anyone to embed your content to their own site. In that way, whenever they click on it, they will directly be lead to your blog or website.

Add Link to Copies Content

This will add a link to your website at the end of the copied content. That means that when the scrapper posts it somewhere else, he or she will also post the web address of the original source. To activate this option, you can download a java script from the web or to simply install a plugin to your site. The downside of this technique, however, is that these links can easily be deleted by the thief.

Protect your business’ brand by applying these simple and quick methods for content theft prevention. They may not solve the problem entirely, but they will certainly deal with more inexperienced scrappers.


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