Dubai World Cup Attire Etiquette for Men



Like most big horse racing events, the Dubai World Cup has a dress code which needs to be strictly followed and observed. Although the Thoroughbred race in Ascot is an older and a more formal event that that in Dubai, attendees at the Dubai World Cup are still required to follow a certain dress code.

Here is the basic attire etiquette which men need to observe at the Dubai World Cup.

  • No to Jeans – Men should be dressed in a smart and formal manner. Jeans are too casual and are strictly prohibited in the Meydan Grandstand.
  • Yes to Waistcoats – This piece of clothing is compulsory for gentlemen who decide to watch the racings. Stick to a simple and tasteful waistcoat. Avoid bold colours. However, you can add some freshness to your look with a coloured handkerchief in your pocket.
  • No to T-shirts – Again, this is too casual for the Dubai World Cup. Instead, select a nice dress shirt that will give you a more formal appearance.
  • Yes to Ties – Ties are a must for male attendees. They are the ultimate men’s accessory for a horse racing game. Therefore, make sure you don’t forget to include this in your list.
  • No to Carvats – While ties are compulsory, cravats should be avoided. Even though, some popular horse racing events like Ascot allowed them until recently, these accessories are now prohibited on most of them, including the Dubai World Cup.
  • No to Trainers – Despite the fact that the organizers of the event advice visitors to wear comfortable shoes, you should not put on trainers. As on any other formal events, this type of shoes is not part of the Dubai World Cup dress code.
  • No to Flipflops – If you are not allowed to wear trainers than you are prohibited from showing up in flipflops. They are simply out of the question, gentlemen!

Our advice: It is better if you stick to more traditional and smart attire. For example, a well-fitted and simple suit will be both comfortable and really stylish. In addition, wear solid-coloured outfits. However, make sure you add some colour to your look through your accessories.


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